Policy & Fee Guidelines

Board of Regents Policies

Read the Regents Policy on Tuition and Fees for relevant information for entries made in the Tuition and Fee Management System (TFMS).

This policy highlights important aspects of fee entry into the TFMS including:
  • Section III lists the policies for the different types of allowable fees 
  • Section II, Subdivision 5, Letter ‘h’ contains information regarding fees that are in lieu of tuition. Remember that fees are more than just an accounting transaction and should factor in “actual cost and the impact to students.” 
A full list of Board of Regents Policies is also available.

Office of Budget and Finance

The Office of Budget and Finance has instructions and guidelines available as a supplement to the Regents Policies. These provide users with a practical guide to fee entry and approval. All fees are submitted to the Regents for approval with the year's budget.

The following are available (as they are published) on their website:
  • Administrative Fee Guidelines - guidelines and principles for administrative fee development 
  • Course Fee Guidelines - expectations and examples of allowable and unallowable fees and accounting guidance 
  • Off-Cycle Fee Request and Approval Guidelines - guiding principles and the process for any fees that are submitted after the Regents approval is complete