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Technology, Quality and Sustainability in Construction


The TECASOS Group conducts research in the area of Technology, Quality and Sustainability in Construction. The group's activities are currently focused on four main lines of research.


T. Gallego, J.A. García, P.M. Huedo. A. Pitarch, L. Reig, M.J. Ruá.


Lines of Research

  • Historical Centers: conservation and sustainable management (Responsible: García-Esparza, Juan A).
  • Ceramic materials (Responsible: Pitarch Roig, Angel M).
  • Development of low CO2 cements and reutilization of waste materials (Responsible: Reig Cerdá, Lucía).
  • Building in the context of integrated urban regeneration (Responsible: Ruá Aguilar, MªJosé).

Techniques & services

  • Consultancy on sustainable building design.
  • Environmental rating of buildings.
  • Life Cycle Analysis of construction products.
  • Consultancy on environmental management.
  • Consultancy on control and quality management.
  • Studies of resistance to slippage of pavements.
  • Consultancy on selection and use of building materials.
  • Consultancy on pathologies and intervention in historic buildings.
  • Consultancy on conservation and management of Historical Centers.

Research equipment

  • Test equipment:
    • physical
    • wood
    • concrete components
  • Equipment for measuring temperature and moisture
  • Thermography camera
  • SimaPro 7.0 PhD, single user license
  • Eco Invent database


J.A. García Esparza, TC-1209-DD, e-mail:; web site of the group. Tel. +34 964729158