Student Showcase

I am very proud of this section.  It showcases the wonderful diversity of some of my brilliant student's work.

Where Cultures Intersect

Where Cultures Intersect (Film produced from ANTH370 Interviews.  I am particularly proud of this short video filmed by engineering students participating in an innovative new course that explores ethics and diversity based on cross-cultural comparisons. For their final project of the Spring 2016 semester, the students conducted open, ethnographic-style interviews with key people in their respective fields.   The purpose of the interviews was so students could learn from their future colleagues’ experiences navigating through on-the-job issues of intercultural diversity and ethical decisions; lessons and experiences that the students will likely face during their careers.  Edited by Arik Bord.


Can you hear me now?

Marysa produced this amazing children's article based on the work of Dr. Sharon Gurky.  The remit for this undergraduate writing assignment, one of many in my ANTH415 (Anthropological Writing) class, was to take a scholarly article and rewrite it for a completely different audience.  Marysa rewrote and illustrated Dr. Gursky's groundbreaking article on ultra-sonic Tarsier vocalizations; the original article can be found here:

Marysa is currently the Senior Manager of Membership Marketing at Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco 

Dr, Henry Musoma

Westin Snow  (ENGR482 Engineering Ethics Spring 2016 ) Weston wrote, directed, edited and created this video as part of a semester long project which involved interviewing a community member about their experiences and thoughts on diversity and ethics.  Weston chose to interview Dr Henry Musoma of the Mays Business School at Texas A&M.  


Foley Peters went "down the rabbit hole" creating a Twitter feed for her ANTH403 (Anthropology of Religion) Module Task exploring the 'role' of Zombies in culture. 

!Kung Myths Marney Hazell (1).pdf

!Kung Myths

In my Anthropology of Religion class, students prepare a weekly handout to present to their peers the class.  The Handout must represent independent research using the Human Relations Area Files (HRAF), a database of ethnographies hosted by Yale University.  For this assignment, Marney Hazell researched and theorized about the myths that exist in the !Kung Culture. 

Casey Theory Toolkit.pdf

Theories of Folklore

Claire Casey was a student in one of my ANTH410 (Anthropological Theory) classes.  Claire produced this exemplary and insightful 'Theoretical Toolkit' as a final project for the class.  The remit for the assignment was to produce a document in a format of choice, highlighting the key concepts, limitations, assumptions etc. of each of the major schools of anthropological theory, and apply each theoretical school to the student's own area interest.  In Claire's case, that area of interest was Folklore.  After graduating Texas A&M, Claire received a Masters in Public Folklore at Western Kentucky University, and now works at the National Parks Service as an interpretation/education ranger.  Claire, reports that the assignment was "incredibly helpful" and that she still refers to it today.