Online Discussion Posting

These are the instructions and rubric I provide students for online (eCampus) discussion postings:
Online Discussion Criteria for Excellence

After you have worked through the past few week's material, post your thoughts using the following guiding questions:

  • Identify three or more important concepts, or ideas that you learned working through this unit. (analyzing)
  • Why do you believe that these concepts, research findings,or ideas are important? (reflecting)
  • Apply what you have learned from this activity to some aspect of your life or chose career path. (relating)
  • What question(s) has this unit's material raised for you?  What are you still wondering about? (questioning)

You will not be able to view or respond to your peer's postings until you have posted your own original thoughts.

You must respond to at least two other postings.... and we will discuss them in class.

Here is the grading rubric that will be used to score your submissions:



Critical Thinking


Relevance &
Global Picture


Appropriate comments: thoughtful, reflective, and respectful of other student's postings. 

Clearly uses critical thinking 

Furthers the discussion with questions, or statements that encourage others to respond. Participates beyond the required number of postings. 

Clearly connects the posting to text or reference points from external sources, previous readings, activities, and discussions. 


Appropriate comments; responds respectfully to other student's postings. 

Uses some elements of critical thinking 

Participates, but does not post anything that encourages others to respond to the posting. Participates with the required number of postings. 

Vague or possible connection to previous readings, activities, and discussions.  Could be taken out of context; and/or the reader may not understand.  

Needs Improvement

Responds, but with minimum effort. (i.e. "I agree with Bob") 

Use of critical thinking is minimal  

Less than required number of postings. Does not further any discussions. 

Mentions the text or previous activity without logical link to topic.