Active Learning Online

Can you engage in Active Learning in Zoom (or an other teleconferencing system for that matter) ... YES!

Here are some ideas to get you started ... some are 'low-guts' and some require a little more courage (I encourage you to be brave, fearless and have guts in this world of change)

Active learning sits at both ends of the noise spectrum: super quiet solitary thinking, all the way to what might seem like uncontrolled super-loud chaos.  Interestingly enough active learning sits on a camel hump: super quiet and super noisy*.  

Let's start with super quiet.  In the online class this is super easy.  Check out my page Going Solo for ideas.

*For more details on this see: Owens, M. T., Seidel, S. B., Wong, M., Bejines, T. E., Lietz, S., Perez, J. R., ... & Balukjian, B. (2017). Classroom sound can be used to classify teaching practices in college science courses. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 114(12), 3085-3090.