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Catharina Laporte PhD.Dept. of Anthropology, 4352 TAMU, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77843, USAOffice: ANTH227 Tel: +1 (979) 458 1428 email: claporte@tamu.edu

Anthropology is the holistic study of humanity past and present. I am a cultural anthropologist with a pragmatic theoretical perspective. I am specifically interested in how applied anthropology, and an appreciation for cultural diversity, can provide different perspectives in the classroom, on real-world phenomenon, projects and problems.

I am also passionate about education and keen to share what I have learned. Within these pages (which are a continual 'work in progress') I hope you find useful documents and helpful information.

I welcome your feedback and input. Please feel free to email me at claporte@tamu.edu if you have any questions or comments. Enjoy!

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Student Showcase

I am particularly proud of this short video filmed by engineering students participating in an innovative new course that explores ethics and diversity based on cross-cultural comparisons. For their final project of the Spring 2016 semester, the students conducted open, ethnographic-style interviews with key people in their respective fields. The purpose of the interviews was so students could learn from their future colleagues’ experiences navigating through on-the-job issues of intercultural diversity and ethical decisions; lessons and experiences that the students will likely face during their careers.