Chaifetz Fellows

The Chaifetz Entrepreneurship Fellows Program 2023-2024 Cohort

The 2023-2024 academic year will see the 16th cohort of Chaifetz Fellows across the Saint Louis University campus. The Chaifetz Fellows promote entrepreneurship education and programming across the SLU campus. To date, more than 100 undergraduate and 100 graduate courses across the SLU campus have embedded entrepreneurship skills, one of the highest numbers in the nation according to The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur Magazine.


Two new Fellows are being announced from the Chaifetz School of Business and the School of Science and Engineering (SSE). They are:


·      Hayley Johnston (Chaifetz Center for Entrepreneurship)

Developing a core course on entrepreneurial identity and self-discovery.

·      Danahe Marmolejo (Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering)

Adding design thinking elements, experiential exercises and supporting technology to introductory engineering courses in Statics (ESCI2100) and Dynamics (ESCI2150).


Each will receive a $2500 grant for use in developing and deploying entrepreneurship elements in their classes.


Hayley and Danahe bring the total number of Fellows to 45 across 20 different departments. Including the KEEN and Chaifetz Fellows, SLU has more than 100 faculty involved in aspects of entrepreneurship education, which is a major factor in SLU’s top national rankings in graduate and undergraduate entrepreneurship.


In addition to the two new Fellows, thirteen Veteran Fellows (grant recipients from prior years) will receive $1000 grants to reinforce and expand their existing work infusing their classes with entrepreneurial ideas and skills. The expansion from the usual 10 to 13 Veteran Fellows was supported by Dean Barnali Gupta to further increase cross-campus entrepreneurship. For 2023-2024 the Veteran Fellow recipients are:


·      Greg Beabout (Philosophy, Fellow since 2014)

Adding people in entrepreneurial jobs to the job shadowing component of Philosophy of Law (PHIL3430).

·      Dan Brewer (Nutrition and Dietetics, Fellow since 2013)

Student project seed funding for the Innovation in Dietetics class (DIET5350).

·      Vincent Casaregola (English, Fellow since 2021)

Developing a new course on “The Avant Garde Artist as Entrepreneur”.

·      Sarah Coffin (Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Fellow since 2016)

Adding material to connect sustainability and entrepreneurship in the Introduction to Environmental Science class (EAS1080).

·      Sri Condoor (Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Fellow since 2009)

Conducting monthly workshops at SSE on the entrepreneurial mindset.

·      Dannielle Davis (Higher Education, Fellow since 2017)

Adding entrepreneurial content to Social Justice and the College Student (EDH5640) and Social Theory and Social Justice (EDH6640).

·      Katie Devany (Leadership and Organizational Behavior, Fellow since 2016)

Supporting guest speakers in the Introduction to Entrepreneurship course (ORLD3000).

·      Srikanth Gururajan (Aerospace Engineering, Fellow since 2017)

Restart the SLUDronES (Student Led, University based Drone Entrepreneurship @ SLU) Club.

·      Jin Huang (Social Work, Fellow since 2019)

Adding financial capability content to help social work students support their low-income clients to initiate entrepreneurship. 

·      Jeff Ma (Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Fellow since 2022)

Continued support of student design teams in the Mechatronics class (MENG4450)

·      Mike Markee (Physical Therapy & Athletic Training, Fellow since 2016)

Adding pitch exercises to Applied Administration and Management (DPT6178) and Departmental Administration (DPT7077)

·      Scott Sell (Biomedical Engineering, Fellow since 2016)

Planning and launching the new MS in STEM Entrepreneurship.

·      Jintong Tang (Management, Fellow since 2009)

Create a doctoral seminar on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship research.


Support for the Chaifetz Fellows Program comes from the Office of the Dean of the Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business. The Program was initiated as the Coleman Fellows with funding from the Coleman Foundation of Chicago. The Program Director is Jerome Katz, the Brockhaus Endowed Chair of Entrepreneurship ( Details about the Program can be found at

The Chaifetz Entrepreneurship Fellows Program: The What and the Why

The purpose of the Chaifetz Entrepreneurship Fellows program is to continue the development of The Coleman Foundation Entrepreneurship Fellows Network; a community of practice comprised of cross-campus champions of entrepreneurship education; and support emerging entrepreneurs. Towards this goal, the Chaifetz School of Business supports the program to promote entrepreneurship education and programming across the SLU campus. Chaifetz Entrepreneurship Fellows advance entrepreneurship and self-employment education and strengthen SLU's efforts to institutionalize entrepreneurship and support the growth of emerging entrepreneurs.

Impact of the Fellows Program

Since the Fellows Program inception in 2008, SLU has become one of nations most entrepreneurial campuses. Thirty-nine Fellows have created 126 undergraduate courses and 97 graduate courses with entrepreneurship content  across over 20 departments at SLU. More than one-third of SLU students receive entrepreneurship content through the Chaifetz Fellows and KEEN Fellows programs every year. 

Coleman Fellows

ARCHIVED: 2023-2024 Call For Applications (Proposals Due By May 1, 2023)

SLU's Chaifetz Entrepreneurship Fellows started as the Coleman Fellows Program in 2008. The Chaifetz Fellowships support entrepreneurship education at Saint Louis University, in classes, programs and co-curricular activities. First-time Fellows receive $2500 for the school year to develop and implement (in close collaboration with Project Director Jerome Katz) projects which advance self-employment education and strengthen the SLU's efforts to grow Entrepreneurship education across campus. The Fellows Program is underwritten by a grant from the Dean's Office of the Chaifetz School of Business. Examples in order of attractiveness include (but are not limited to): 

If you have ideas for a Fellowship, please first contact the Fellows Program Director, Jerome (Jerry) Katz by email ( to discuss. 

You can apply online at:

Please note the participation requirements for all Fellows below. Deadline for submission is May 1, 2023.

All SLU full-time faculty are eligible to apply for the Fellowship, including faculty from the Madrid Campus and all SLU Schools. 

If Your Are Already a Chaifetz or former Coleman Fellow (a.k.a. Veteran Fellows)

Once selected as a Chaifetz/Coleman Fellow, the appointment remains active. Prior or current Coleman or Chaifetz Fellows are invited to submit for Veteran Fellow Status for the upcoming school year. Veteran Fellows receive $1000 for the year to refine, extend, or continue their work related to entrepreneurship and self-employment. 

Preference will be for people who are adding new courses/co-curriculars or making major revamps of existing activities. Fellows who are looking to revitalize their entrepreneurship efforts are encouraged to apply. Previous Fellows can also be considered for a new $2500 award if they are undertaking a major new effort related to self-employment in their programs. 

Apply online at:

Deadline for submission TBA.

Resources for Fellows and Prospective Fellows

If you have any questions, please contact:

Jerome Katz

Brockhaus Chair in Entrepreneurship

Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business