AOM 2022

Leveraging your knowledge, networks and the net for late career opportunities

2022 AOM Entrepreneurship Division Late-Career Workshop

Jerome Katz, Saint Louis University

1. Teaching

a. Adjuncting at your school

b. Adjuncting at another school

c. Shop a class you like to teach to schools

d. Shop a class you like to teach online (

e. Go overseas to teach (,

f. Volunteer – K-12 schools, Y’s, senior education programs

2. Research

a. Go to an industry/trade/professional association (paid/volunteer)

b. Develop policy & position papers

c. Develop white papers on topics of interest

d. Go to groups whose missions you like and ask how you can help

3. Service

a. For ENT faculty – SCORE, SBDCs, ENT Centers, Veteran Centers, WBO centers, accelerators, chambers of commerce

b. Go to an industry/trade/professional association (paid/volunteer)

c. Go younger – K-12 schools or organizations

4. And now for things entirely different

a. Consulting: - corporate trainers, education consulting, career coach.

b. Tutoring

c. Board Membership/consulting gigs:,

d. Fulbright Scholars Program:

e. Lead with your heart: what would make you feel best?