4 - Online Resources

Today there are more amazing free resources for entrepreneurship faculty and their students than ever before. Some of the ones I use and refer to the most are included here. If you have recommendations, please let me know at jerome.katz@slu.edu.


SLU Resources (See links to Centers on the eWeb Home Page)

SLU Libraries Business Library Guide Listing - Here is a complete list of Library Guides in business related areas. Key ones are listed separately. Some of the other ones that might be of interest include: Sustainabilty, Biotech, Business Law, Business Valuation, Citing Company & Industry Information, Company Research, e-Commerce, Green Business, Innovation, Locavorism, and Marketing.

SLU Libraries Journals Access - Did you know with your SLU.EDU login you can read (and assign to your students to ready) HBR, WSJ, Fortune, Forbes, and THOUSANDS of periodicals for free? Here is your point of access. Try out Bizminer and RMA e-statement studies (both give small business financials), Privco (financial details on thousands of privately held companies), IBISworld (industry studies) and MINTEL (market studies).

Entrepreneurship Career Guide -Beyond the Lemonade Stand.pdf - A workbook on checking out entrepreneurship as a career. From SLU's Career Center.

Business In A Box - An all-in-one resource for legal and business forms. Checked by lawyers, these forms can be customized in the program or downloaded in DOC or RTF formats and tweaked on your computer. Available for all students in the CSB 4th Floor Computer Lab and the Chaifetz Entrepreneurship Center.

Jerry's Social Bookmark List - When I find something good online, I bookmark it using Raindrop.io. Here is the complete list. Everything is tagged using chapters from my textbook, or my class numbers (or both). Feel free to subscribe to the feed so see what I'm finding.



Giff Constable's free ebook: Talking to humans (its companion is Testing With Humans)

Justin Wilcox's https://customerdevlabs.com - check out "How to do customer interviews"


A resource for templates (many free) for financial templates for specific industries (e.g. restaurants, B2B companies, etc.): https://www.eloquens.com/

A platform for assessing the valuation of companies in hundreds of industries: https://valuations.com/

Valuations.com - A site that can give you an idea what a business is worth. For a startup (pre-money) plug in the projected sales from the 1st year financials.


Visme's A Non-Designer’s Guide to Creating Memorable Visual Presentations:


Beautiful.ai: Professionally done free online pitch deck templates.

Canva.com: Another great choice for pitch decks.

Pitch.com: Yet another great choice for pitch decks

Design a Better Business: Different kinds of canvases for storytelling, persona, cusotmer journeys, prototypes, riskiest assumption and other canvases.

Miscellaneous Cool Freebies

Ash Muraya's Runnning Lean book (1st edition) - The Business Model used at SLU - This is a PDF of his first edition book on the Lean Canvas (the second edition is out now). Gives the basics of the approach. The Lean Canvas fits more readily with the elements of a business plan than does the other competing business model, Osterwalder and Pigneur's Business Model Canvas.

Butler - An Introduction to Entrepreneurship (ebook) - Covers entrepreneurship from an economic perspective, easily accessible to all. Full citation is https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3850660&dgcid=ejournal_htmlemail_entrepreneurship:economics:ejournal_abstractlink

Entrepreneurship Syllabi & Exercise Exchange - Sponsored by USASBE.org, this free site (sign-up required) can get you access to syllabi from all over on entrepreneurship and related courses.

Trailblazing in Entrepreneurship - This is an open access book from the editor of the top research journal in entrepreneurship talking about topical areas where more work needs to be done in entrepreneurship, including the intersection of health and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial failure, sustainability and a host of other areas.