Midwest AOM 2018

Below is the slide deck from my presentation Trends and best Practices in Entrepreneurship Education at the 2018 Midwest Academy of Management Symposium "Trends in Entrepreneurship Education: Creating a Dynamic Entrepreneurship Classroom". Thanks for your interest. And check out the class resources here at web, or these great resources mentioned in the presentation:


Current Population Survey (CPS) March Supplement ( or grab the 2015 data below)

Entrepreneurial Small Business

USASBE's Trephelp Site


Straightupbusiness.institute (here is the feasibility analysis tools I mentioned, and the RBI materials)



Goventureworld.com (Others include: goventure.net, interpretive.com, experientialsimulations.com, and lots more). MIT's free simulations are available here (Session participant Rachel Lundbohm from UM Crookston suggested the "Clean Start" simulation. Thanks, Rachel!


Stanford's Ecorner, which has thousands of free video snippets, searchable by words spoken (like cash flow).

Entrepreneurship Division Discussion List (you can browse the discussions, but to subscribe do the following -

As of now, people who are not members of AOM who wish to join a community need to request access to the community through AOM (membership@aom.org). Those who wish to join can make this request when they initially establish their account. When they do this it would also help if they emailed either Lou Marino at lmarino@cba.ua.edu or Jeff Pollack at jmpolla3@ncsu.edu so we can make sure the request moves through the process in a timely manner.

In addition, I've included below instructions on the "rubber band" and "brain stretch" exercises used in the symposium.

The session was produced as a partnership between the Midwest Academy of Management and USASBE, the US Association for Entrepreneurship and Small Business, one of the nation's largest organizations supporting entrepreneurship research and education. USASBE describes itself as an inclusive community advancing entrepreneurship education through bold teaching, scholarship and practice. I have the honor of being one of USASBE's Justin Longenecker Fellows.

If I can be of help, please email me jerome.katz@slu.edu.