working group interest

We wish to give members and supporters the opportunity to work with other like minded colleagues on regions of the world or human rights themes.

Our working groups have declined and were held in abeyance when the Law Society indicated it might start its own. Time has moved on and it transpires that the Law Society has not established working groups as we envisaged. So we feel now uninhibited in seeking to regrow our own WGs.

When active SIHRG working groups work with a great deal of autonomy from the main committee. We provide the WG with a sub-site of the main web-site which the WG is then free to edit. Plus SIHRG branded email, online shared documents etc. Also, WG's are free to arrange their own speaker meetings and other events. The only constraint is upon the issuing of letters of intervention and similar publications that if being issued under the SIHRG brand must have the approval of the main committee.

WGs have conducted research projects, submitted opinions to Parliament, amicus curiae to courts etc.

We are all volunteers. So SIHRG, as ever, is what its own members make of it.

Thank you very much for your interest.

Please complete the form below to enable us to bring you together and form working groups of SIHRG. SIHRG WGs operate with significant autonomy and are allowed to pursue their own initiatives and edit their own sub-websites. Public statements of opinion or policy however are vetted by the SIHRG management committee.