Missions protocol

Protocol for Mission Selection

This protocol sets out a best practice procedure by which Solicitors’ International Human Rights Group (SIHRG) should select candidates for mission opportunities[1] that become available through SIHRG’s contacts and/or own initiative. The selection procedure is intended to be the standard procedure through which SIHRG decides, in a fair and transparent manner, whom the organisation will choose as its representative on any such mission.[2] In order for a candidate to be eligible for selection they will, except in exceptional circumstances, be fully paid up members of SIHRG[3], and then will only be eligible upon agreeing to become such a member as soon as reasonably practicable.

The recommended procedure is as follows:

1. Write a descriptive summary of the mission: including the goal and duration of the mission and highlighting the attributes that SIHRG is looking for in potential candidates. Summary should specify which qualifications, experience, skills and/or attributes (‘the selection criteria’) are essential, highly desirable or preferable, respectively.

2. (a) Email all members about the mission and canvass interest.

(b) Request from potential candidates their CV and a covering letter (in Microsoft Word format) highlighting why he/she believes his/herself to fulfil the selection criteria.

(c) Give deadline for applications, informing that short listed candidates will (time permitting) be invited for interview with the Committee.

3. Circulate CVs and covering letters of candidates amongst committee members via email.

4. Shortlist should generally be no more than three candidates and be decided either via email consensus (quorum to be decided) or on specific chatroom within www.sihrg.org, or at the following committee meeting. Specific headline on Committee Meeting Agenda to be dedicated to Mission Opportunity and Committee Meeting Minutes to record committee members views on short-listed members.

5. Invite short-listed candidates for interview either to following committee meeting or at specific selection meeting, whichever is most practicable.

6. Select most appropriate candidate via majority of committee (quorum to be decided) and choose standby candidate.

7. Let all candidates know via email that position has been filled.

8. Selection criteria to give weight to member’s contribution to SIHRG and working group/s.

Adopted by the Management Committee

11th February 2009

Added 9th September 2013 by the Management Committee:

Any SIHRG representative is required to submit to the Committee a report that as a minimum shall cover the following:

Date and place

Organiser and participants

Travel, accommodation, meals, per diems, re-imbursements, fees and other logistics etc.


General content report

Outcome and futures and any recommendations for SIHRG.

[1] ‘Mission opportunities’ meaning any opportunities SIHRG has to select one or more persons to investigate, participate or otherwise collaborate on behalf of SIHRG, which necessitates travelling outside the United Kingdom.

[2] N.B. It is acknowledged that on occasion there may be insufficient time to carry out each step of the protocol. In such circumstances an expedited procedure can be adopted.

[3] ‘Paid-up’ in this context meaning having paid for the current year up to and including the year or any part of a year in which the mission they wish to be selected for is due to finish and any previous years since their first application for SIHRG membership which have not been paid.