Retired and Senior

Volunteer Program

Familiar Settings, Surprising Results

One of the most fulfilling places to spend your volunteer efforts is locally, where you can see the fruits of your labors every day. And with Senior Corps Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), it’s easier than ever to find a way to participate that’s both close to home and excitingly new.

Since 1971, RSVP has been helping volunteers 55 and over find the right local assignment to challenge and complement their skills, experience, talents and goals – so they can count on enjoying dynamic, diverse activities that truly make a difference and help strengthen their communities.

Senior Corps RSVP will match you with a volunteer opportunity suited to your unique interests and skills, whether you want to:

  • Mentor at-risk youth

  • Teach other seniors to use the Internet

  • Assist seniors with Medicare paperwork

  • Deliver meals to home bound neighbors

  • Help youth develop reading and math skills

  • Prepare tax returns for seniors

  • Plant a community garden

  • Lead museum tours

  • Teach environmental awareness programs

  • Build a house

  • Or choose from any of the hundreds of other volunteer opportunities

As an RSVP volunteer, you:

  • Get free placement in volunteer activities specifically suited to your unique skills, talents and interests

  • Meet active and vibrant people who share your interests

  • Improve your community

  • Enjoy a sense of purpose and the knowledge that you are making a difference

  • Experience something new each day

  • Receive supplemental accident and liability insurance