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Legacy Award


Nominations should be submitted by the following dates to be considered: January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1

Who should be nominated?

  • The nominee must be an active Senior Corps volunteer for at least one year.
  • Nominations may be made for individuals or groups.
  • Nominations will be accepted for volunteer service performed through any Senior Corps of PA project.
  • Nominations are limited to 5 volunteers per project, each quarter.

How do I submit my nominations?

  • All nominations will be sent via e-mail to the Legacy Awards Coordinator.
  • The nomination form will be made available to all project directors via e-mail.

How is the nomination evaluated for approval?

  • The Legacy Awards Coordinator will be responsible for reviewing the nominations using the following basic criteria: Is the nominee an active member of Senior Corps for at least 1 year? Does the narrative describe the nominee's service activity? Is the service activity performed as a member of Senior Corps?

When will I know if my nomination is approved for the award?

  • The Legacy Awards Coordinator will e-mail the determination within 2 weeks of receiving the nominations.

Traits to think about when considering who to nominate for the Senior Corps of PA Legacy Award. This is NOT a complete list, but intended to get you thinking. This person, couple or group.....

  • reflects a positive image of aging (pro-aging)
  • Is passionate about public service, helping others, making a difference
  • demonstrates a commitment toward enhancing the community and/or the lives of others
  • serves as a role model for other older adults
  • inspires others

Other behaviors you may want to recognize....

Consistent quality of work Overcoming fears Going the extra mile Thinking ahead

Blazing new trails Loyalty Teaching others Accepting responsibility

Problem solving Strong leadership Punctuality Accepting a challenge

Perseverance Motivating others Service with a smile Doing what it takes

Never quitting Continuous improvement Ingenuity Vision

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