Important Upcoming Dates:
  • Saturday - 9/5 Cool Breeze Invitational
      • 6:00pm JV Girls 
      • 6:30pm JV Boys 
      • 7:00pm Sophomore Girls 
      • 7:30pm Sophomore Boys 
      • 8:00pm Freshman Girls
      • 8:30pm Freshman Boys
      • 9:00pm Varsity Girls (up to 10)
      • 9:30pm Varsity Boys (up to 10)
  • Tuesday - 9/15 Yougurtland Fundraiser

Highlights from the Red Vs Black Time Trial

New Boys Personal Records

NameTimeDistancePaceImpr By
Jaeyoung Choi18:2136:073:32
James Huang19:1136:241:44
Michael Ai19:4036:331:27
Yan Tao24:5638:191:23
Keaton Blazer17:2935:500:52
Cody Roberts18:1136:040:40

Top 20 All-Time Boys Individual Performances

All-Time RankNameTimeDistancePace
5Bhairav Chidambaram17:2135:47
6Keaton Blazer17:2935:50
7Dylan Petkevich17:5835:59
8Ares Reading17:5936:00
9Cody Roberts18:1136:04
11Griffith Hughes18:1636:05
12Jaeyoung Choi18:2136:07
15Benton Bickett18:5436:18
16Cole Petkevich18:5636:19
19Varkey Alumootil19:0636:22
20James Huang19:1136:24

New Girls Personal Records

NameTimeDistancePaceImpr By
Samantha Ortega23:5237:5710:39
Johanna Rice26:1338:444:45
Kelly Bernd18:2636:090:19
Ann Ryan24:2138:070:12

Top 20 All-Time Girls Individual Performances

All-Time RankNameTimeDistancePace
1Kelly Bernd18:2636:09
2Kira Loren18:5036:17
4Naomi Smitham20:0036:40
5Erin Beck20:5336:58
8Clara Song21:5137:17
9Michelle Zhao22:1837:26
10Sarah Wesson23:1237:44
13Nicole Estess23:2537:48
14Samantha Ortega23:5237:57
15Ann Ryan24:2138:07
16Eden Deng24:2938:10
17Katarina Laspada24:4338:14
19Sarah Tu25:2638:29

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What to pack in your bag for race day...

Post Race: After all races, runners are expected to do a 20-30 minute cool down (depending on skill level) plus normal drills and stretching.  So expect to be there an hour after your race start.

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  • League Meets - 
      • Kit Carson Park
    • Early Release 1:05 - Bus Leaves 1:20 - Return ~7pm
      • Girls JV –  3:15
      • Girls Varsity –  3:40
      • Boys Varsity –  4:10
      • Boys JV – 4:35
      • Boys Frosh – 5:00

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