Fall 2019 Information


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Athletes and Parents should sign up to get information on practices, workouts, etc.

These Summer training runs start Monday, July 8th and are at different locations throughout the summer.  Click above to get those locations and times.

Athletic Clearance is from June 12th - June 30th Only - Link to CCA Athletics Clearance Website here.

Summer Training Themes

Through End of July - 

Consistency - Be consistent with running.  Get to the point you are running 6 days a week (Varsity, 20 out of 21 days) and being consistent with mileage.  Long Runs are your most important weekly run, but being consistent is KEY!  It is better to spread out all the running you are doing weekly.  Run the second half of your runs faster than the first half, and when someone in your group wants to push the pace - try to hang on.  Do your drills and stretching after EVERY RUN!  Be Consistent with your training and you will reap great rewards!

Moderation - Every increase needs to be moderate - Aggregate improvement over marginal gains.

Increase your weekly mileage every week -  At most 5 - 7 miles a week (consistency).  

Increase your long run each week - at most by 2  miles each week. 

Increase your Cross Training each Week

Cross Train! - You should be doing between 2 to 3 hours of additional activitiy every day!  This can include such activities as Jr. Lifeguards, soccer, ultimate frisbee, hiking, walking the dog, playing camp games, surfing, swimming, pushups, extra exercises, lifting weights, etc.  Make it fun, if it becomes something you wish you were not doing, change the activity.  To be a better runner, you need to become a better athlete.

Vacation Travel

Have a General Plan to stay active and busy if you are traveling this summer.  Spending some time to look at safe locations to run can create a much less stressful and fun time traveling.  No one should ever have to run alone in a new place.

During August -
Consistency, Training and not Straining, Moderate increases.

Sequioa Camp Information (for those that wish to attend the first week)  - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1QQFBIQbTlEOUER5f5DlbBU-ouHs8fIb7?usp=sharing

CCA XC Full Team Practices Start Monday, August 5 - 
The following information is from the Team website so you can be informed.  The summer camp makes no guarantee that you will make the time cut, but we can promise that we will provide a solid base so that you can give your best effort!
Athletes are expected to be there from the first day of Practice.  Practice will be from 7 - 9am or from 3:20pm to 5:20pm depending on start time.  Varsity Athletes may go later depending on what they are dong each day.
  • Monday - August 5 @ 7am - Torrey Pines State Beach
  • Tuesday - August 6 @ 7am Torrey Pines State Beach
  • Wednesday - August 7 @ 7am Torrey Pines State Beach
  • Thursday - August 8 @ 7am Torrey Pines State Beach
  • Friday - August 9 @ 7am Torrey Pines State Beach
  • Monday - August 12 @ 7am - Torrey Pines State Beach
  • Tuesday - August 13 @ 7am CCA Track Stadium
  • Wednesday - August 14 @ 7am CCA Track Stadium
  • Thursday - August 15 @ 7am CCA Track Stadium
  • Friday - August 16 @ 7am CCA Track Stadium
  • Saturday - August 17 @ 7am -  Torrey Hills Brueggar's Bagel Run
  • Sunday - August 18 - Off
  • Monday - August 19 @ 7am CCA Track Stadium
  • Tuesday - August 20 @ 7am CCA Track Stadium
  • Wednesday - August 21 3:20pm CCA Track Stadium
  • Thursday - August 22 @ 3:20pm CCA Track Stadium
  • Friday - August 23 @ 7AM CCA Track Stadium - Red and Black Meet
  • Saturday - August 24 @ 7am Torrey Hills Brueggar's Bagel Run
  • Sunday - August 25 - Off
  • Monday - August 26 @ 7am Torrey Pines State Beach - Captain's Practice
  • Tuesday - August 27 @ 3:20pm - CCA Track Stadium - First day of School
  • Wednesday - August 28 @ 3:20pm - CCA Track Stadium
  • Thursday - August 28 @ 3:20pm - CCA Track Stadium
  • Friday - August 28 @ 3:20pm - CCA Track Stadium
  • Saturday - August 31 All Morning (Shifts at 5AM) - Ravens XC Invitational
Time Trials - August 23rd Red vs Black Meet,  and August 31 Last Time Trial.  Students Must reach time expectations at one of these meets to make the time.
Some athletes may not be able to make time expectations the first day - regardless they are expected to be at every practice and give a valid attempt at each of these meets and every practice.

Time Expectations

Time Expectations

Other Information

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Enter all your training into xcstats.com - school code
XCSTATS NOW HAS iphone and android apps to enter in your training logs easier!  Search XCStats in "Google Play" and Iphone App Store.
In order to tryout for a team at CCA athletes must fully complete the online clearing process.
Time Trials - August 24 (Red vs Black Meet) and September 1 (Dual/ Time Trial). Students Must reach time expectations at one of these meets.  (It is preferred to do it on August 24).

Some athletes may not be able to make time expectations the first time - regardless they are expected to be at every practice and give a valid attempt at each of these meets and every practice. Full Expectations Here and Here: Parent/ Player Packet - Here

First Week of the 2019 Season will begin with our Sequoia Camp Trip - about $450 to $550 a person.  Dates are August 4 - 112
This is a GREAT CAMP - but only 20 people can go so those whose parents can drive and stay the entire time will get first priority. You want to go to this!  Parents, willing to drive and stay, you get to go for free!
Runners will be broken into 4 groups this year (not 5 like last year). More information via email - so make sure our contact information has been sent in!

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What to pack in your bag for race day...

Post Race: After all races, runners are expected to do a 20-30 minute cool down (depending on skill level) plus normal drills and stretching.  So expect to be there an hour after your race start.

  • Time Schedule For League Races
        • 3:15   girls JV (short course)
          3:45   girls varsity (long course)
          4:15   boys varsity (long course)
          4:45   boys JV (long course)
          5:15   boys frosh (long course)
        • Early Release 1:05 - Bus Leaves 1:20 - Return ~7pm

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