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Wine Tasting Biking Boomer Buffet Jam Sessions Happy Hours
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Special Events Trivia Night Dances & Concerts
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Although our activities are focused on the Baby Boomer Generation and their interests,

the Club is open to all residents of Sun City West with a valid Rec Card.

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If you need a paper application, click this link to the Club Business page


Club Location

Badges may be picked up at the Boomer Clubhouse. The Clubhouse is located at the Kuentz Recreation Center
14401 R. H. Johnson Blvd. 

The club s
hares space with the Women's Social Club, which is across from the Stardust Theatre box office. 


Call for Nominations

The SCW Boomers Club Needs You!
Got that election spirit? No Super Pacs or dark money needed. Just add your name to the slate of officers to lead the Sun City West Boomers Club in 2019.   
It is your time to step forward and run for club officer. The Nominating Committee is looking for enthusiastic members to run for President, Vice President,  Secretary and Treasurer.
We must have a complete slate of officers to maintain our Rec Center charter. 
Not sure what is involved with being an officer or how much time it will take?  Access the club's website at http://scwboomersclub.com, then click on the Club Business tab. There is a link to the Board Member Responsibilities document which summarizes the duties of each  position. There is also a link to the Club's Policies and Procedures which has detailed information on the officer responsibilities.  
If you are interested in running for any of these offices, please email the club at events@scwboomersclub.com. If you have specific questions about the officer duties, plan on attending the September 18th Membership meeting and talk to our current officers about the position that they currently hold.
The election is scheduled to be held at the November 13th Membership meeting. We must have a slate of candidates by October 13th to present to the membership prior to the election.   
2018 Nominating Committee
Roberta Davidson
Bob Lovell
Lynne O'Grady

Welcome to the
 SCW Boomers Club Facebook Group page. 

Going out of town or have an illness and can no longer attend a SCW Boomers Club event? Use this page to sell your tickets or purchase tickets.

You must have a Facebook account to join the group. If you click on the Facebook icon to join the group, you are asked to login to your Facebook account. Once on the SCW Boomers Club page, be sure to request access and answer the question if you are a member of the SCW Boomers Club.

This page is not a substitute for the club's website, but can be used if there is a sudden change of venue, time, or other circumstances that affect an event scheduled by the club. 

Any questions about membership or general information, should be sent to the club's email address at events@scwb