For 2019, the membership year begins November 1. 

Click the Join Now button to join the SCW Boomers Club.

There are only three requirements for joining the SCW Boomers Club. 

You must:

  1. have a valid SCW Rec Card;
  2. pay the annual club dues ($15 per person for 2018); and
  3. purchase a name badge ($6 each in 2018) and wear it to events.

Oh, yes--and you must like to have fun!

Ready to join?  There are two ways to do so:

ONLINE:  You may pay online with your credit card or through your PayPal account.  You'll be added to our contact list and start receiving e-mail updates about our fun Boomers Club events. 

NOTE: For couples, each individual must register and pay separately.

BY MAIL: If you prefer to mail in a check, then click here  to access our Club Business page. 
Download the Membership form to your computer, print the form, attach a check and,
mail to the address listed. 

Please allow two weeks for us to collect the mail and enter your information into the database.

Questions?  Contact us at


Membership Renewals for 2019 begins on November 1. 

Click the Renew Now button to begin.

Renew your membership in the SCW Boomers Club right here, right now!  Just click on the Renew Now button  to get started.

You can pay your membership dues securely through PayPal using your credit card.  You do not need to open a PayPal account.  But, if you have one, you can opt to have the payment come directly from your bank account.
Dues for 2018 = $15.00 per person.   

Hint:  our system uses email address as a unique identifier--only one member per email address.  Couples need two email addresses.  If you don't have two email addresses, one of you must send a check for your renewal.  See the Club Business page for the application form.  

NOTE:  Each member must renew separately.  Couples--sorry, but you cannot renew both in one transaction.

BY MAIL: If you prefer to mail in a check, then click here to access our Membership Aapplication form. Download the form to your printer, print it, attach a check, and mail to the address listed. 

Contact us if you have any problems at