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The Boomer Clubhouse is located at the Kuentz Recreation Center, 14401 R. H. Johnson Blvd.  The club shares space with the Women's Social Club, which is across from the Stardust Theatre Box Office.

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Forms are available at the clubhouse. Just look for the file rack on the credenza on your left as you enter the clubhouse.

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Clubhouse Expansion


The Boomers Board of Directors has formed an expansion committee. This committee is comprised of four Boomer Members: Harry Stannebein, Denise Rondeau, Gus Grell and Lynne O’Grady.

The options are:

(1) expand the current clubhouse at Kuentz or, 

(2) find a larger alternate space for the Boomers club. 

Our club has outgrown its current space at Kuentz and as our membership continues to climb now is the time to seriously address this problem! 

This will be discussed at the March General Meeting with a subsequent meeting scheduled in April for the vote.

We must present our plans to the Properties Committee at the Rec Center after we have discussed it with the Membership and then voted on the options. 

Lynne O’Grady

Chairman of the Expansion Committee



2019 SCW Boomers Club Board of Directors

Congratulations to the 2019 SCW Boomers Club
Board of Directors
Left to Right (Barbara Carneiro, Secretary; Gus Grell, Treasurer;, Kathy Schillinger, Vice President; Lisa Vines, President

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