Alfred & Lyman

School Counseling Program

The School Counselors at Lyman and Alfred are available to support students at school to help them have a positive school experience. Whether students need support socially, emotionally, or behaviorally, a school counselor is a resource for all students in the school.

Jackie Chaplin: Amy Redmond:

Monday- Alfred Monday- Lyman

Tuesday- Alfred Tuesday- Lyman

Wednesday- Alfred (am); Lyman (pm) Wednesday- Lyman (am); Alfred (pm)

Thursday- Lyman Thursday- Alfred

Friday- Lyman Friday- Alfred

Email: Email:

Alfred Elementary: 324-3831 Lyman Elementary: 499-7228

RSU 57 School Counselor Beliefs

The School Counselors in RSU 57 believe that an exemplary school counseling program should:

* Allow all students the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential which will allow them the opportunity to be successful in the global community

* Provide a data-informed comprehensive school counseling program to all students to support students in developing their academic, career, and social/emotional skills

* Foster an emotionally and physically safe learning environment where students feel supported and acknowledged

* Provide opportunities for collaboration with stakeholders so that we can serve as advocates for the unique needs of each student

* Provide students with the tools to build positive relationships that will support them in being respectful and responsible individuals

* Provide a consistent and cohesive program where the school counselors adhere to the professional and ethical standards of the American School Counselor Association

RSU 57 School Counselor Vision

RSU57 School Counselors are on the forefront in providing programs that support all K-12 students in developing the skills to achieve their personal best in the 21st century academic, social and workplace environments.

RSU 57 School Counselor Mission

The mission of The RSU 57 School Counseling Program is to foster a collaborative environment in which we serve as advocates for all students. Our comprehensive programs provide students with the best possible opportunities to acquire the academic, career, and social/emotional skills necessary to be successful in the global community.