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Upcoming Events and Announcements from the Counseling Department

Last Chance for 2nd Semester Grades
We are in the home stretch, the start of the 4th and last Quarter before the school year ends. Students this will be your last chance to get your grades up and stay on track to graduate. Remember, grades are only posted on your permanent transcript two times a year; at the end of 1st semester and the end of the school year. Quarter grades are not posted on your transcript.

2017 Summer School Information and Registration
Summer school registration starts March 20 for both In-Person Summer School and PVOnline Summer School.  It is very important that students see their counselor before registering for any summer school courses. Click on the Graduation & Registration Information tab above and then select Summer School Information for more detailed information and a list of courses offered this summer. Students can pick up a Summer School Packet in the Counseling Office starting March 20th.

Junior ECAPS: College Preparation
We will be meeting with the juniors from March 20th - 24th to get them started with College Preparations. We will discuss grades, grade point average, testing, financial aid, and scholarships. We will also discuss college requirements, college searches, and the college application process. 

Senior ECAPS: Senior Exit Information
We will be meeting with the seniors from March 27th - 31st to provide them with Senior Exit Information. We will discuss final college selection, scholarships, final transcripts, senior awards, and graduation.

Student Registration for School Year 2017-2018
We have completed registration for Next Year's Classes (School Year 2017-2018). If you did not get registered for classes for next year please come by the Counseling office as soon as possible and let us know. For more information about registration please click on the "Graduation & Registration Information" tab above or contact the Counseling office. All students should have received a printed copy of their Course Selections along with the AP/Honors Agreement, if applicable to take home and get approved and signed by their parents. Students if you have not returned your Course Selection Form yet with your parents signature please return it to the Counseling office as soon as possible. Parents if you or your student wish to make any changes to their Course Selections please have your student notify their counselor. Students have until June 1, 2017 to make any final changes. After June 1st no more course changes will be allowed without the course teacher's approval. If your student did not receive their Course Selection Form or they misplaced it, they may pick up a copy in the Counseling office.  

English 101/102 Dual-Enrollment Course
Current Juniors if you still wish to take English 101/102 Dual-Enrollment Course as a senior, it is very important that you register for your Maricopa MEID and Student Number as soon as possible. Click on the English 101/102 Dual-Enrollment link located under the Graduation & Registration Information tab above for instructions on how to register and for more information about the course. Interested students must turn in the "Intent to Enroll in English 101/102 Dual-Enrollment Course" form along with their Maricopa MEID and Student Number to the Counseling Office. Students must also take the WritePlacer placement test to get into this course. The test is offered at any Maricopa Community College free of charge. You must provide the Counseling Office with a copy of your Maricopa MEID and Student Number and test results before you can enroll in this course. Students that enroll in English 101/102 may also be eligible for a tuition scholarship to help with the cost of the course.

PVLearners Email: Students, please check your PVLearners Email at least once a week for important information and/or updates