Top D.A.R.E. Students

The distinction of "Top D.A.R.E. Student" is bestowed upon 6th grade students at the completion of the D.A.R.E. curriculum. They are asked to take a pledge to stay alcohol, tobacco and drug free, to live without violence and continue to spread the knowledge of D.A.R.E. with others. These students were chosen as the top students due to the time and effort they put into making these lessons personal and sharing not only what they learned but how they are applying it to their lives. What really set these students apart was their ability to convey the D.A.R.E. teachings into their final essay, which outlines how the D.A.R.E. curriculum has impacted their lives. These students exemplify exceptional morals, character, leadership, and community involvement. Officer Blanc appreciates the work that ALL students put into the essays and enjoyed reading each and every one of them. Congratulations to all students for graduating from the D.A.R.E. program!


Alex H., Mackensie M., Grace B., Max T.                          Jarret B., Kyli G., Riley S., Ava H., Luke W.


                                             Savanna V.,Tamara B., Kimberly Y., Aleks M.  

Blaze F.- St. Joan of Arc

                    Marissa M., Abigail A., Gary T., Mya W., Destiny C.               Ashton T., Grace M., Lauren H., Owen T., Tess H., Lily S.

                                                                 front row: Brynn T. and Megan M.                                                            Caroline K., Jahari H., and Will H.
                                                    back row: Ashton K., Anna G. Erin  W., Officer Blanc



                                                                  Natalie T., Aidan L., Hunter M.                                        Danielle T., Hannah L., Jacob C., Kameron S.



             Farrel M., Leah M., Zack W., Joseph S.                           MaKell M., Corinne H., Jered M., Sarah V.                                Madeline B., Payton G., Hailey W.



          Cole D., Kasey F., Lauren G., Dominick B.                           Serena M., Rachel C., Lance C., Maggie C.                                 A.J. J.,  Alexis S.,  Matthew B.



 Alexa C., Karlee P., Logan R., Annelissea B., Lauren D.            Rachel B., Crystal K., Brittany K., Madalynn T.,                          Siera F., John C., Stephen K.
                                                                                                                Julie W., DeAntre J.