Math Events

                                         Math News Bulletin (third floor outside room 324 and 316)     

 2018 Executive Celebration & Planning - June 2018        
               Graduated Mathlete leaders workshop                        
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018, afterschool in room 324 

Pi 3.14 day celebration              
In CELEBRATION of  MARCH 14th, 3.14our Mathletes came up with ... Mathletes Pi day raffle day.  So on Friday March 9th at lunch in the Atrium, students and past Mathletes can..  Buy a ticket for 25 cents, and get one extra ticket for each 5 digits of pie you can recite. We will give out pie to one lucky winner at the end of the day and another to the person who recites the most digits.   

Who Wants to be a Mathematician 2017 Contest 

The American Mathematical Society (AMS) championship contest, for high school students in the US, Canada & UK.   The test is a timed (15-minute), closed-book, no-calculator (and no other electronic help) test.  Our school held our  event in lab 245 Monday, September 25th, 2017.  Here are some photos of the intense 15minutes non-calculator Math competition.


Enrichment Opportunities
MathLink is a Math enrichment program at Carleton University, which started in 2006. MathLink will give an opportunity 
for the high school students to explore mathematics beyond the school program.  The target age group is grades 8 to10, 
but anyone with interest in mathematics is invited to participate by first clicking on the above underlined link.  We hosted an info. meeting at our school Wednesday Sept. 20th, 2017 (photos below) in room 324 and the program instructor from Carleton University was here to share details about this enrichment opportunity.   


LDHSS Math Club Fair September 2017
Monday, September 18th, 2017 at lunch our school math club had a great turn out for our booth and we have some keen members and new members excited for the school year ahead.


                University Visit  - An unique taste of University Math Workshop  

University of Waterloo Visits LDH On Wednesday, March 29th 2017, LDH hosted a workshop with a Waterloo mathematics representative that allowed our students to have a taste of University. It was a unique experience full of enriched math problem solving, and a question period regarding transitions and tips for success.

               Mathletes leaders 2015-2017 celebrating some great success and years together June 2017