Credit Options

Attending a College Board endorsed APSI provides participants with some of the best professional development AP teachers can get. Participants will experience 30 hours of pedagogical and content rich professional training specific to their AP course.

All SSAPSI participants will receive a certificate of attendance at the conclusion of the institute. The certificate will show proof of professional learning and instruction received at the SSAPSI.

Credit Options

Recognizing the time commitment and high quality of the training, participants who attend the entire APSI will be eligible for the following education credits options:

2 PDE Credits

  • PDE credit is available for all Nevada educators.
  • PDE credits can be used for license renewal per the Nevada Department of Education.
  • PDE credits can also be used for the CCSD Professional Growth System. 2 PDE credits are equivalent to 10 CUs.
  • Participants are eligible for this option after attending all 30 hours of the SSAPSI.
  • The PDE office will email eligible participants after the institute has ended.

2 University Credits

  • Graduate credits may be earned through the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
  • This option must be selected prior to the start of the SSAPSI.
  • Participants will need to complete a UNLV student registration no later than June 10, 2019.
  • For information about registering and paying for university credits, please visit:
  • Jerrad Barczyszyn is our UNLV credit coordinator. He can be contacted at or at (702) 799-3835 ext 5766.

College Board Endorsed Training

SSAPSI has been College Board endorsed since 2006. Each AP* Summer Institute is managed individually by staff at the sponsoring institution that have signed an endorsement agreement with the College Board to ensure quality and consistency among the locations.

SSAPSI Records

Previously Attend the Silver State APSI?

If you have previously attended the SSAPSI and received credit for your attendance, please contact either the PDE Office or the UNLV Registrar for transcript information.

PDE Office: UNLV Registrar:

(702) 799-1921 (702) 895-3443