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Igniting a Passion for Music, Inspiring a Lifelong Journey.


The mission of the Norris Music Department is to encourage knowledge and appreciation of music, which engages the minds and enriches the lives of all students.  Through active participation in various musical experiences, students are encouraged to strive for musical excellence and become life-long participants, intelligent consumers, and active patrons and advocates for the arts.


Our Choral Ensembles offer diverse options for students in our district, providing opportunities for musical growth and artistic expression. Join us as we explore the joy of singing and develop skills that will last a lifetime.

Explore the unique experiences and musical styles offered by each ensemble. From the electrifying performances of our show choirs to the harmonies of our auditioned and grade-specific choirs, there is a place for every student to find their voice and flourish within our choral program.


In addition to our exceptional choral ensembles, we provide a range of other exciting opportunities to nurture musical talent and creativity further:

These additional opportunities expand horizons, foster teamwork, and enhance musical growth. Discover new passions and create unforgettable experiences in our dynamic choral program.

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