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APES Exam Review

APES Exam: Monday, May 1st 
You must be in the DLL by 7:30am

Information: what to bring and NOT to bring into the exam

Remind month-long review texts (with questions sent out at 9, 2, and 5...answers to the day's questions sent out at 10pm). 
    Text @apesnation to 81010 to sign up! (This is run by Mr. Maloney but is open to all students taking the APES exam!)

QuizUp National APES Review Trivia - compete to be the best in the state, country, and world! 

  • In the evening, there are usually a lot of teachers online answering questions. Many of these teachers are exam readers!
  • Please be patient waiting for the response.
  • Scroll down the page and see if your question has already been asked/answered previously before you post it. Quite often, students have the same questions. You can also search the page for information. 
Wondering what kind of credit you can get at different colleges? Click here to find out! Example: A 4 on the APES exam earns you 4 credits at U Mass Amherst or 3 credits at Stonehill. 

Below are a multitude of review materials, most of which I have shamelessly pilfered from other teachers! 

Bozeman Science APES Videos - all the videos by Mr Anderson, organized by the course outline
APES in a Box - review videos on various topics
Ecology Review Videos - CrashCourse
Vocab Review - Quizlet
Fracking - How it works & Pros and Cons video
How Wolves Change Rivers - 4 min video that reviews many ecological concepts!

APES Review Materials