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Sounds Like

Ear, Hearing, Listening

“You can do it.”  “Don’t give up.” “Just think.” “Do you need help?” “Here’s a good tip.” “Try this.” “Push yourself.” “How do I do this?” “Keep Trying.”

Quiet. “Can you help me?” “Try your best.” “Want me to help you?” “Don’t stop trying.” “You can do it if you believe in yourself. “You’ll get it.” “Believe in yourself.” “Keep going.” “Just do it.” “I will not stop.” “Try your hardest.”

Looks Like

Cartoon Eyes

Focus. Listening. Cheering someone on. Thinking. Having a good time. Working. Helping. Teaching. Someone might say, “I need help.” Your tongue might be out. Keep trying until you get it right,

Trying harder. Being confused or frustrated. Someone smart. Struggling. Doing math. Working hard. Happy. Concentrating. Finishing Work. Not talking.

Feels Like

... Zoom Out, Tablet, Touch, ...

Focus. Think. “If I did it one time, I can do it again.” “I can do this.” “I think I can…” “Should I ask for help?”  I need to raise my hand. “I know this.” “I’ve got this.” “I can’t give up.” “What should I do?” “This is hard.” “Ugh!” You feel smart. “I have to try.” “I am doing good.” “I will complete this eventually. “If I keep trying, my brain will get stronger,” Never give up. “I’m awesome.”