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MP1: Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

I've never made a mistake. I've only learned from experience.-
Thomas Edison

Journal Questions and Responses 9/11/2015:
What is perseverance and how does it help you in math?

Perseverance is to keep trying. It will help me get the right answer.- DC

Perseverance means not giving up and keep trying. It helps by maybe taking a break and go back to trying. -JM

Perseverance means not giving up keep trying even if it’s hard. Perseverance helps you in math even if it is hard keep trying so you wouldn’t give up. -MF

Perseverance is a goal. It will help us in math with our worksheets.   -RD

Perseverance is a goal. it will help by making me pass 7th grade. -JK

Perseverance is a goal. It’s a goal that can be difficult,but you have to practice to achieve that goal.-CP

It makes you work longer and focus more. -BR

ldk my guess is it will help you- JW

You never stop trying --MW

to try again and again--JM

Perseverance is when you never stop trying.-AS

Perseverance is you never stop try.     --RW

Perseverance is to keep trying and how it helps me learn more math. --LS

You keep trying even when you are gonna fail.-BP

Just try your best. Then it will help you we talk about it in class cause it’s important. -GW

Perseverance is where you keep trying and attempting to do something -RZ

Perseverance is where you try your best try  and you can do it.-- SS

Perseverance  means to never give up and it can help you in math because you can keep trying. -JS

Perseverance means to keep trying. You get better at it. -STC

Perseverance is a goal. It will help us in math by achieving our goal. --MP

Perseverance is something that you work hard at.  It will help you at math by not stopping and working hard. -GT

It will help because it will let me know to work harder and harder and perseverance is something that you pushed really hard to get to the top. -AW

helps to get you better at math--BH

Don’t give up keep trying and trying until you get to the goal you want or the grade.-AR

Perseverance is when you don’t give up on something that is difficult. It will help us get better at things we have never tried before.--AD

Perseverance is if you have a problem but you don’t give up--even after a couple times. --KK

It is success and achieving goals. It’s good for you because your grades will be good and you will be able to be quicker at math and a hard thinker. --WW

Perseverance is where you don’t give up on yourself. It will help us by not giving up in math so math will be easy for us if we don’t give up. --RP

Perseverance is when you try and try again and never give up. Perseverance is going to be good for math because it will show you that you shouldn’t give up right away. You should either ask the teacher or try it over again. -KK

Perseverance is  when you keep trying even when something stops you. Perseverance will help us because if we keep trying then we will get better at math by trying harder. -EC

Perseverance is doing something else despite difficulty. It will help in math because if your stuck on a problem if you just quit your not going to get anywhere in life. But if keep going and try again you just might get it right. -KL

to keep on try and try-GM

you never stop trying--WW

Never give up. Keep working ,and ask for help if needed. -AT

Never give up. It will help me because I think I that I’m bad at math. -PS

To never give up. I’ll finally get an answer. -MS

Keep trying and trying. -KB

Perseverance is to allow someone to continue doing something even if it’s hard. And it will help me with math by keep on trying -DG

It helps you get smarter.-RD

It’s something that you’re not good at.-MW

It is something you are not to good at and I’m not too good at math. Soccer also --AK

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