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The Madison Elementary School is currently not available as the 
Town of Madison's Emergency Shelter.


The Madison School Board will hold a Public Hearing on the following items:

1) The proposed Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Budget

2) The 2018 School District Warrant
3) A bond hearing to make repairs and improvements to the Madison Elementary School
4) To remove funds from the Building Capital Reserve Fund to make repairs and improvements to the Madison Elementary School
5) To remove funds from the Technology Capital Reserve Fund for server upgrades.

The Public Hearing will be held on Monday, January 8, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the Art Room of the Madison Elementary School.

Note: If the Public Hearing needs to be rescheduled due to inclement weather, it will be held on Thursday, January 11, 2018 at the same time and place.

Robin Hood Performed by the MES Drama Club

Math Centers in 1/2 

Read about a recent article written by our SWIFT Facilitator regarding our work and progress this year.

Outdoor Appropriate Clothing
  • Yellow Day: (above 60 degrees) Students may wear what they are comfortable in.

  • Green Day:  (40-60 degrees) Students are encouraged to wear a coat or sweatshirt with a minimum of 2 layers.

  • Blue Day: (20-40 degrees) Students must have a fall/winter coat (Wind and Water Proof) ; hat, headband or earmuffs (ears covered tightly); and gloves or mittens to go out, but may take them off if too hot. (no shorts or skirts)

  • Purple Day:  (Below 20 degrees) Students must wear a winter coat; hat; and gloves or mittens.(no shorts or skirts)

  • Snow on the Ground:  Boots for outside and shoes for inside are expected.  If your child will be playing in the snow (sledding, building snowmen, etc.), snow pants are also required.

Consequences for not wearing Appropriate Clothing:  Student will remain in the office.  Parents will be notified after 3rd repeated incidence.

Recess is a key component of the health curriculum and the wellness policy for all students.  All students will be expected to participate in physical activity during recess time.


Announcements & Upcoming Events:

Jan. 2: School Resumes

Jan. 2: Winter Sports Begin: Skiiing & Snowshoeing

Jan. 15: No School

Jan. 19: No School, Teacher Workshop Day

 Principal's Corner




 Students in grades 1-6 will be skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing the day we come back from vacation, Jan. 2nd.

 All equipment MUST be in the trailer by 9:30.  The person who brings it to the mountain is a volunteer and may take it anytime during the morning.  If the trailer is gone, you will need to transport your child’s skis/snowboards to the mountain.


Dress in layers and in waterproof clothing.  

No knit mittens please.  These get wet and cold quickly.  

All skiers and snowboarders MUST have a helmet designed for the sport.  For example, a bike helmet cannot be used.


With our new transportation company this year we will be able to get students back to school by 3:40-3:45.

 If you are picking up at the mountain be there by 3:20. All students MUST be signed out with

our staff member located in the lodge.  PLEASE do not take students without signing them out.  We will stay until all are accounted for.   The hope is to have the buses loaded and moving by 3:30 and any students remaining in the lodge will be put on the bus and return to school.

 If you are picking up at school be here between 3:35-3:45.  The buses will drop student in the back parking lot for pick up.  It is very clustered and busy!  Please go slow and be careful.  Staff will be present to coordinate as the bus unloads; you get equipment from the trailer, and be sure that the children go safety to their vehicles.

 If you need your child to take the bus home they will return to school from King Pine and then load onto their regular bus.  (This is a change from the permission slip sent earlier)  Kindergarten and snowshoeing students will remain at school and those taking the bus will load the bus as normal. Bus routes will remain the same but the further along the list of stops the earlier it will arrive; meaning that those with stops early in the route will be close to normal drop off time while those along the route will be up to 15-20 minutes early.  This is due to the number of students riding the bus on this day.  Many students get picked up at King Pine and many get picked up at school so families can get the equipment at the same time.

 Kindergarten and those that snowshoe:  If they have siblings that go to King Pine and will return to school to be picked up, your child/ren here at school will be walked to the back parking lot to meet you as you pick up your skier/snowboarder.

 If you change your plans for pick up please send a note with your child Tuesday morning.  A list is made each week so staff members know at the end of the day where your child is expected to go.  


Weather Chart