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                                                                   Making Everyone Successful by being Respectful, Responsible, & Safe                     


Created by our students in grades 5/6 through their collaboration with Lindsey Cole.

This month we have been learning all about safety during our health class with Mrs. Bartlett. This week she surprised us with some very special visitors from the Madison Police Department! We got to ask all of our questions and test out the police cruisers too!

Read about a recent article written by our SWIFT Facilitator regarding our work and progress this year.


Announcements & Upcoming Events:

******PUBLIC NOTICE******

April 17  Delayed Opening  11:00 am
April 17 Be Our Guest Event

Principal's Corner


Dear School Community,

We have so much going this week and we hope that you will be able to join us.  The PTO will have their monthly meeting Wed. at 8 am. This week the calendar fundraiser will go home.  This is an option for families to participate in, not mandatory. If you need more copies, please let us know and we can provide those in the office.  The PTO offers a prize to the class who sells the most. We ask that tickets be sold and returned by April 20. We will always accept ones after April vacation, but they may not make it into the first round of drawings.  Money and tickets should be placed in an envelope and can be sent dropped off at the front office.

Thursday we have the wonderful opportunity to enjoy the Drama Club’s performance of Musicville.  Students have worked hard to learn lines and songs and are excited to share it with our school community.  We hope that you can join us on Thursday at 1:30 pm or Friday evening at 6:30 pm.

Exciting news for us on Friday.  We will enjoy the New England Brass Ensemble for a performance at 1:15, it would be wonderful if you are able to join us.  Look ahead to next week and you see Marvelous Math Monday. This is a night focused on family fun with math learning. Come and enjoy pizza and learn some new games the whole family can play.  Please sign up using the link found later in the newsletter.

All the while, there is some amazing learning going on here at MES.  Students have worked on bodies of water in the grades ½ classrooms. Mrs. Bryant’s class opened up their room with their parents to share their projects last week.  The Kindergarten is beginning to incubate chicken eggs this week as part of their learning. Westward expansion is being explored in grades ⅚ through integrated learning opportunities.  There is all of this and more happening each day. I encourage you to take some time and ask your children what they are learning.

Have a great week and enjoy the warmer temps, but remember to send children prepared for ALL sorts of weather!

Mrs. Woodward

Weather Chart

Outdoor Appropriate Clothing
  • Yellow Day: (above 60 degrees) Students may wear what they are comfortable in.

  • Green Day:  (40-60 degrees) Students are encouraged to wear a coat or sweatshirt with a minimum of 2 layers.

  • Blue Day: (20-40 degrees) Students must have a fall/winter coat (Wind and Water Proof) ; hat, headband or earmuffs (ears covered tightly); and gloves or mittens to go out, but may take them off if too hot. (no shorts or skirts)

  • Purple Day:  (Below 20 degrees) Students must wear a winter coat; hat; and gloves or mittens.(no shorts or skirts)

  • Snow on the Ground:  Boots for outside and shoes for inside are expected.  If your child will be playing in the snow (sledding, building snowmen, etc.), snow pants are also required.

Consequences for not wearing Appropriate Clothing:  Student will remain in the office.  Parents will be notified after 3rd repeated incidence.

Recess is a key component of the health curriculum and the wellness policy for all students.  All students will be expected to participate in physical activity during recess time.