Records of Kinorhyncha

Almost all kinorhynch records in which kinorhynchs were identified to species or genus level are shown in the database.
Each record data contains the information of locality (coordinates, depth, sediment type), reporting paper, and referred species name. The type locality of each species is shown in red and the other records are in white.
You can see the data with using a Google Earth (via Chrome or Google Earth Pro).

How to use it?
You can use it either of two ways. In the option 2, the new changes will be automatically applied to your map when the original data is updated.
Option 1 (Chrome or Google Earth Pro): please download the kmz file from here and import it to the Google Earth.
Option 2 (Google Earth Pro): you can see the data with using the "network link" function in the Google earth Pro with a link of "".
(see below photos for detail protocol)

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26 Nov. 2018: Information on Adrianov & Maiorova (2018) in Deep Sea Res. II revised; that on Yamasaki & Durucan (2018) added.
26 Oct. 2018: Information on Adrianov & Maiororva (2018) in Russ. J. Mar. Biol. is added.
04 Oct. 2018: Information on Landers & Sørensen (2018) in Bull. Mar. Sci. and Sørensen & Grzelak (2018) in PeerJ is added.
13 Sep. 2018: The first version is created.
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