Plainfield South Invitational, 3.13.15

Post date: Jun 17, 2015 10:20:01 PM

“Stay ready. Keeps from having to get ready.”

A lot is implied in that statement.

It is spoken by T-Bone Lanier in the movie “Freedom Song,” which I show during the Civil Rights unit in my U.S. History classes.

T-Bone owns a barbershop in a segregated fictional town in Mississippi in 1961. He smartly educates the youth who frequent the shop about what is going on in the rest of the country. Sit-ins, Supreme Court decisions, Freedom Riders — he gives them lessons on all of it.

One inquisitive youth asks T-Bone why he does all this.

“Stay ready,” he replies. “Keeps from having to get ready.”

Someday when the Civil Rights movement comes to town, when the moment comes to act, he wants the people to be prepared, and he is helping with that.

Tonight at the Plainfield South Invitational, we came prepared, and we had instances when athletes were ready to act at a moment’s notice.

On our way to winning at both the varsity and JV levels, we had at least three unscheduled substitutions due to illness and injury. Athletes were approached about filling those now open spots, and they obliged without hesitation.

When substitutions are needed, coaches turn to athletes who have stayed ready. They have prepared themselves in practice in case a moment like this arrives. They are also alert at the meet. They are near the action. They are cheering on teammates. They know what is going on.

They are also willing to do whatever is needed of them to help the team. Our three athletes who stepped up tonight had stayed ready. And as coaches, we will be ready to ask them again the next time, too.

Go Indians.

– Coach Thomas