Group Members


Prof. Matt Dobbs <Matt.Dobbs at>
  • Website
  • Office: McGill Space Institute, 3550 University, Room 103, Tel: 514-398-6500
  • Lab: Rutherford Room 231, Tel: 514-398-4838

Dr. Seth Siegel <sethrsiegel at> (Postdoctoral fellow)
  • Lab/office: Rutherford Room 229, Tel: 514-398-4838
  • Research topic: CHIME

Professional Staff

Dr. Adam Gilbert <Adam.Gilbert at> (Elec. Engineer, Lab Manager)
  • Lab: Rutherford Room 231, Tel: 514-398-4838

Dr. Jean-Francois Cliche (Electrical Engineer Consultant)

  • topic: 
    • Flight Representative model of DfMux bolometer readout
    • CHIME correlator firmware

Graduate Students

 Juan Mena Parra (PhD Student) <juan.menaparra at>
  • Lab/office: Rutherford Room 229, Tel: 514-398-4838
  • Project: CHIME
Josh Montgomery
     (PhD Student)
  • Lab/office: Rutherford Room 231, Tel: 514-398-4838
  • Project: Readout for SPT3g.
Gavin Noble
     (MSc Student)
  • Lab: Rutherford Room 231, Tel: 514-398-4838
  • Project: SPT3g
Paula Boubel
MSc Student)
  • Lab/office: Rutherford Room 231, Tel: 514-398-4838
  • CHIME Sky maps and characterizations
Mohit Bhardwaj
     (PhD Student jointly supervised by Vicky Kaspi)
  • Lab/office: Rutherford Room 229, 
  • CHIME data analysis, commissioning, and FRBs
    Maclean Rouble
        (MSc Student starting Sept 2018)
    • SQUID-less TES readout for mm-wave telescopes
    • Lab/office: Rutherford Room 231, Tel.:514-398-4838

    Gap-year Researcher(s)

    (the year between undergrad and graduate school - applications welcome!)

    Undergraduate Researchers

    David Ittah    
    • ICE system test and commissioning.
    • Suitcase Interferometer
    • Lab/office: Rutherford Room 231, Tel: 514-398-4838
    Maclean Rouble 
    • Platform for instrumentation education
    • Lab/office: Rutherford Room 231, Tel.:514-398-4838
    Anna Brandenberger 
    • Scale model of CHIME
    • Lab/office: Rutherford Room 229, Tel.: 514-398-4838

    Past Members

    Clara Vergès
    • Cold Transformers and Cryogenic Amplifiers for TES readout. 
    • Next Role: PhD student at APC Paris.
    Gilbert Hsyu (Graduate Student)
      • Chime Pathfinder analysis
    Emily Storer
    • CHIME Pathfinder Analysis and commissioning.
    • Next Role: Graduate student at Princeton working on CMB Theory/Analysis.
    Dr. Sean Griffin <griffins at> (Postdoctoral fellow) 
    • Research topic: Development of small radio interferometers
    • Next Role: Scientist at NASA Goddard
    Benjamin Tam (undergraduate researcher)
    • email: 
    • Commissioning of cryogenic system for bolometer testing.
    • Next Role: Graduate student at Queens working on SNOlab.
    Tristan Pinsonneault-Marotte (undergraduate researcher)
    • email: tristan.pinsonneault-marotte at 
    • Electronics testing and characterization, construction of electronics environmental test chamber
    • Next Role: Graduate student at UBC working on CHIME.

  • Dr. Kevin Bandura <kbandura at> (Postdoc)
    Graeme Smecher (Electrical engineer through his awesome consultancy company Three Speed Logic) <gsmecher at>
    • Next Role: Engineer at .
    • topic: digital multiplexer readout system firmware, software & hardware.
    • Qing (Amy) Tang (U3 Workstudy Undergraduate Researcher)
      • Next Role: Graduate student at U. Chicago working on SPT.
      • Project: Electronics assembly, development of quality assurance for CHIME and DfMux. Amazing baked goods.
    • Tijmen de Haan (PhD Student) <tijm6140 at>
      • Next Role: Miller Fellow at Berkeley
      • Project: SPT galaxy cluster cosmology, digital feedback for bolometer readout
    • Dr. Amy Bender (Postdoc and Astrophysics Fellow)
    • Project: SPT readout electronics and analysis. 
    • Next Role: Scientist at Argonne National Lab working on SPT.

    • James Kennedy (MSc/PhD Student) <james.kennedy2 at>
      • Project: APEX-SZ clusters and cryogenic monitoring electronics. 
      • Next Role: with the Radar Systems group at Tactical Technologies in Ottawa
    • Kevin MacDermid (MSc/PhD Student) <kevin.macdermid at>
    • Project: Readout system - EBEX
    • Francois Aubin (PhD Student) <francois.aubin at>
      • Next role: FQRNT postdoctoral fellowship at U. Minnesota for EBEX analysis and next generation.
      • Project: Readout system and integration - EBEX
    • Nicholas Lebel-Buchanan (MSc Student) <nicholas.lebel-buchanan at>
      • Project: review of calibration techniques for low frequency radio telescopes.
    • Tamanna Singh (MITACS undergraduate researcher)
      • Project: Firmware algorithms for efficient multiplication of low bit-count numbers for CHIME.
    • Mathew Galloway (Undergraduate Researcher)
      • Project: exploring firmware for KIDs readout.
    • Dr. Keith Vanderlinde <keith.vanderlinde at> (Postdoc and ClfAR Junior Fellow)
      • SPT cluster Cosmology
      • CHIME design, prototyping and pipeline
      • next role:  now an assistant professor at Dunlap Institute/University of Toronto (webpage)
    • Ivan Padilla (Undergraduate Researcher) <ivan.padilla at>
      • next role: MSc student at U. Toronto working on stratospheric balloon telescopes.
      • Undergraduate researcher: Simulations of CHIME feeds and beam patterns.
    • Juan Mena Parra (U3 Student Workstudy Researcher, 2010-2012) <juan.menaparra at>
      • next role:  MSc student with our group at McGill.
      • Project: RF over Fiber system for CHIME, Fabrication of cryogenic transformers and striplines.
    • Bena Mero (U3 Student Workstudy Researcher, 2010-2012) <bena.mero at>
      • next role: Graduate student in space engineering at U. Colorado, Boulder.
      • Project: Quality control and characterization of readout electronics.
    • Mashabat Suzuki (U1 Student Workstudy Researcher, 2011-Present) <mashka888 at>
      • Project: Electronics rework & development.
    • Max Schmitt (U3 Undergraduate Researcher, 2010-) <max.schmitt at>
      • Project: quality control test software for electronics
    • Dr. Peter Hyland <phyland at    or    peter.o.hyland at> (former Postdoc) 

      • Began 2011 as Asst. Prof. at Austin College
    • Laurent Beauregard (NSERC Summer Undergrad Researcher, 2010) <laurent.beauregard at>
      • Project: CHIME Simulations
    • Alina Chen He (U1 Undergraduate Researcher, 2010) <chen.he at>
      • Project: CHIME Antenna Simulations
    • Peter Dahlberg (U2 Undergraduate Researcher, 2008-) <peter.dahlberg at>
      • Project: Cryoelectronics hardware commissioning
    • Anton Tikhonov (Electronics Technician, part time) <anton.g.tikhonov at>
    • Shahjahan Warraich <shahjahan.warraich at>
      • Project: testing DfMux electronics and development of fridge controller electronics.
    • Eric Bissonnette (Electical Engineer Consultant) <eric.bissonnette at>
    • Catherine Laflamme (U1 Undergraduate NSERC Researcher, 2008) <catherine.laflamme at>
      • Project: Simulations of SPT, EBEX, Polarbear
    • Dr. Trevor Lanting (Postdoc, 2006) <trevor.lanting at>
      • Next Role: Research scientist at D-Wave Technologies in Vancouver.
      • APEX-SZ operation and data analysis.
    • Mohamed Najih (NSERC Summer Undergrad Researcher)
      • <mohamed.najih at> or <mohamed.najih at>
      • topic: building a cryogenic sub-kelvin cold stage for test cryostat. Software and testing of EBEX readout system electronics
    • Rajat Mukherjee (Undergrad Workstudy Student, 2006) <rajat.mukherjee at> 
      • topic: doing simulations of Digital fMUX timestreams. 
    • Kurt Hartung (Undergrad Workstudy Student, 2006) <kurt.hartung at> 
      • topic: setting up lab computing system.
    • Kareem Amin (Undergrad Work-study Student, 2007) <kareem.amin at>
      • topic: software and assembly for cosmology readout system.
    • Claire Cohalan (NSERC Summer Undergrad Researcher , 2006 + Senior UGrad Thesis from Saint Mary's University 2006/7) <ccohalan at>
      • atmosphere subtraction for APEX-SZ