McGill Cosmology Instrumentation Laboratory

Mailing Address:
Department of Physics, McGill University
Ernest Rutherford Physics Building, Room 231
3600 University Street
Montréal, Québec, Canada H3A 2T8
Lab Tel: (514) 398-4838

Our group is recruiting exceptional  postdocs and graduate students with an interest in 21cm cosmology, Fast radio transients, CMB polarization, and/or applied electrical engineering for low noise/fast digital precision instruments. Contact Prof. Dobbs to apply. 

The MCgIL research group, led by Prof. Matt Dobbs
  • designs and builds new instrumentation for observational cosmology
  • deploys and operates its instruments wherever the observing conditions are best - from the geographic South Pole to the top of the Stratosphere
  • analyzes and interprets the data from these experiments to gain a better understanding of the origin, fate, and fundamental constituents of the Universe.
Simply stated, our mission is to make measurements that will help us better understand what the universe is made of, how it came to be, and how it will evolve.

Past Events

CHIME on CBC The National

Moon behind SPT

(The moon rises behind the South Pole Telescope - photo, Keith Vanderlinde)

DfMux Board

(Digital frequency multiplexing board, developed at McGill for reading out large arrays of low temperature bolometric detectors)