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Welcome Back to LVR for the 2022 - 2023 School Year

Hello and welcome back to Lenape Valley Regional High School. As you may notice my sub pages have gone dark (temporarily) as I am updating and upgrading the materials present. This is going to be an exciting year and I hope everyone can feel the energy not on in the halls of our school but in the community as well!

No matter who you are, where you come from, or what year you graduated - you are a Patriot and I hope to see many (if not all) of my former students at some time or other this year. Come out to the games, grab a sausage and pepper sandwich at a football game, watch our amazing marching band preform and cheer on our cheerleaders!

Histoircal Perspectives

Friday, March 20th, 2020

Morning everyone. This is not an assignment, but rather a perspective on what is/was going on in our nation, and the world with the COVID-19 pandemic. It can be and is a scary thing, in our times we have been fortunate not to suffer the hardships of our ancestors. However, that is what makes us great, that is what makes us Americans, and Citizens of the World - we have the ability to survive and overcome so many difficulties and obstacles if we are smart, work together, and take care of ourselves and our families. That being said, I am including a video for your viewing, again not an assignment, a historical perspective. Townsends is an 18th Century YouTube channel, run by Jonathan Townsend, who gives a living perspective of what people went through in the 1700s and 1800s - their life, struggles, triumphs and failures, foods they ate, and how they survived. I highly respect the work this man does to make history come alive, and the intense research he conducts to be as accurate as humanly possible, so much so he lives the life of an individual during the 1700s and 1800s.

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When an individual studies history, they are opening a door into the past and going on a journey that will forever change them. According to the Big View of History there are various ways in which one can undertake this exploration. A traveler can be like a "Truffle Hunter" and pay attention to the minute details of events, how these events changed localized areas of the world and how the puzzle piece fits into the grand scheme of things. However, one may choose to explore a larger undertaking. Some explorers are like the "Parachutist", looking over larger periods of time and how those periods connect. One may explore how the Renaissance directly influenced the Enlightenment. Lastly, one can be a like a "Celestial Observer", exploring how everything (the Sciences, History, Mathematics, Classical Education, Literature, etc. etc. etc) connects from the moment of the Big Bang to this very moment as you are reading my web page. It is my hope, for my courses, that as we explore the Grand Tour, my students take away the importance of the past and how we are not so very different from our ancestors.

What you will find here is a list of materials available to all students, taking my courses.

1. If you have lost a previous packet or set of notes, you will have the ability to access it and print it out for your replacement.

(NOTE: Some packets and materials I own I have the right to reproduce for classroom use, but do not have the right to publish on my web page. Extras will be available in my classroom if needed.)

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General sites that can be of interest and use to you in your time at Lenape Valley High School:


Yes. This site is mostly used for pinning pictures or materials that people find interesting. However, it is chock full of information pertaining to every single era and period of time we will be covering. I highly suggest making an account and pinning materials that are useful and can help you with your studies throughout your time at Lenape Valley. If you find materials that are useful - let me know so I can incorporate them.

Khan Academy

A great site that provides additional supportive materials on the topics we are covering in World History, Psychology, and AP World History.

Grade Scale for Courses in the History Department

Tests = 50%

Quizzes = 35%

Homework = 15%


98-100 A+

94-97 A

90-93 A-

87-89 B+

83-86 B

80-82 B-

77-79 C+

73-76 C

70-72 C-

0-69 F

Mr. De Kleine has completed (and continues) his training in the Big History Project, has completed the Columbia University - Teachers College Cowin Financial Literacy Program, and maintains yearly studies in the Next Gen Personal Finance course of study though NGPF.