Yucca Plant

The Yucca Plant 

Yucca is a non- native plant to this region of the US and has historically been planted in cemeteries on graves of those whose families could not yet afford a stone marker. 

These hardy plants are long living and were therefore suited to last until the marker could be bought. Sometimes this was never followed through. They have frequently been used by the African American community over the last couple of centuries as grave markers, though this patch you see is not in the African American section, which you will find over by QR code 7 on the map. 

Due to their association with cemeteries, the yucca plant has also taken on an association with the supernatural, as a way to ward off evil spirits.

Number 2 on Cemetery Map.

This QR code is one of 10 placed about the cemetery, marked by colored posts for visibility. Each code you scan will give you a brief review of the person or subject by which the post is placed, and their significance to the community or to the cemetery itself. These also include photos of the individual at times. All are placed here by courtesy of the Dahlonega Cemetery Committee.

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Posted 18 Apr 2023 by Manny Carvalho.