African- American Section

The African - American Section


On the forward slope, just beyond these cedar trees lie the graves of some 300 African Americans from 1833 to the present day. Some are known, and many others remain unmarked. Sadly, most of the people are unknown due to the lack of gravestones and markers. 

In 2021 the city conducted a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey through this large section of the cemetery. The results revealed between 220-260 unmarked graves. These unknown burials are now identified with the aluminum discs you see on the ground, which indicates the location of an individual laid to rest beneath.

Number 7 on Cemetery Map 


This QR code is one of 10 placed about the cemetery, marked by colored posts for visibility. Each code you scan will give you a brief review of the person or subject by which the post is placed, and their significance to the community or to the cemetery itself. These also include photos of the individual at times. All are placed here by courtesy of the Dahlonega Cemetery Committee.

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Content by Delaney Waters for Appalachian Studies Center.

Posted 18 Apr 2023 by Manny Carvalho.