Samuel and Henderson Darter

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Samuel and Henderson Darter

Samuel Darter and his infant relative, Henderson, are the earliest known burials in Mt. Hope.   We don’t know a great deal about these two, but that Sam was from Virginia, and with his brother likely came to Dahlonega following news of the gold rush.   

The brothers were not beneficiaries of the Cherokee Land Lottery as out of state residents and would not have been landowners during their time here.   We believe that Henderson was the son of Sam’s older brother Isaac, who moved on to Texas after failing to strike it rich here in Georgia. 

Their unique headstones are made from locally quarried soapstone, which has lasted rather well.   You can see that there has been some work done around the base of the headstone to make it last and keep it upright, and this work has been done by the cemetery committee in partnership with UNG’s Appalachian Studies students.


Samuel Darter  ca. 1784- 1883 (99)

Number 5 on Cemetery Map 

This QR code is one of 10 placed about the cemetery, marked by colored posts for visibility. Each code you scan will give you a brief review of the person or subject by which the post is placed, and their significance to the community or to the cemetery itself. These also include photos of the individual at times. All are placed here by courtesy of the Dahlonega Cemetery Committee.

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Posted 18 Apr 2023 by Manny Carvalho.