To promote our goal of "Learning from the past, and preserving for the future" the Historical Society recognizes individuals and organizations for their contribution to the preservation of the history and heritage of Lumpkin County. Such contributions are recognized by awarding Certificates of Appreciation, and the Madeleine K. Anthony Award presented for the most outstanding contribution.

In May 2016 the Society established the Isabella T. Lynn Distinguished Service Award in honor of one of the Society's guiding light. The award differs from the Madeleine K. Anthony Award in that it is not restricted to any specific year.

Additionally, 8th graders from Lumpkin County Middle School receive cash awards and a Certificate of Appreciation for essays (see guidelines) on aspects of local history. This contest is named after popular author Anne Amerson.

The Society takes pleasure in recognizing individuals and organizations for their contributions to the preservation of the history and heritage of Lumpkin County during the preceding year when the MKA award is presented. These contributions keep alive the legacy of the Lumpkin County community. The lists below includes all Madeleine K. Anthony and Isabella T. Lynn award recipients since inception. Additionally, 8th grade students who received the essay award are listed. The the blue link on the date leads to full details of that year's presentation. Dahlonega Nugget articles in the links are used by permission of the editor.

Nomination forms for both Awards and the Certificate of Appreciation.

Anne Dismukes Amerson 8th Grade Essay guidelines.

Madeleine K Anthony Award Recipients

2020 None

2019 None

2018 Tim and Tracey Ragland

2017 Darrell E. Woodall

2016 Catherine and Johnny Ariemma

2015 Loudine Seabolt

2014 Tommye Scanlin

2013 Jay Markwalter and The Dahlonega Nugget

2012 Manuel B. Carvalho

2011 William "Bill" Waldrop

2010 Mike & Lynn Cottrell and Bill & Helen Hardman

2009 Unnamed Recipient and Christopher P. Worick

2008 None

2007 Walter S. Garlinghouse and Frieda W. Bafile

2007 Robert Jenkins - Lifetime Achievement

2006 Jim and Betty Smulian

2005 Larry Scott

2004 Sharon Johnson and Bill O'Leksy

2003 Robbie Niles

2002 Greg Shepard

2001 Doug and Annette Seymour

2000 Jack Anthony

1999 Jean Cuthbertson

1998 Sherman Day

1997 Jack Herbert

1996 Sally Sorohan

1995 Frank Moon

1994 None

1993 Holly Theatre

1992 Jimmy Anderson

1991 Bryan and Donna Whitfield Jr.

1990 Isabella T. Lynn

1989 Anne Dismukes Amerson

Isabella T. Lynn Award Recipients

2021 Chris Worick

2020 Larry Scott

2019 None

2018 Anne Amerson

2017 Jimmy Anderson

The Anne Dismukes Amerson 8th Grade Assay Contest Award Recipients

2021 None

2020 None

2019 Zellene Moore for "The Diving Bell"

Cooper Greilich for "Bony Tank"

Amelia Kennedy for "The Smith House Country Lodge & Dining – Southern Hospitality at its finest"

2018 None

2017 Lainie Genry for Madeleine "Kiker Anthony "

Zackery Pitchford for "History of Pine Tree Plant"

Rosa Lopez for "The Smith House"

2016 Sara Beth Massey for "History of the Moore House"

Sierra Gerrells for "Wagon Train to the Georgia Capitol"

Cassidy Keen for "The Story of Mount Hope Cemetery"

2015 Mateo Golloshi for “Gold Rush: Historic Event and Festival”

Clara White for “The History of the Smith House”

Ashlynn Wistoski for “Camp Frank D. Merrill”

Shaw Patel for “Dahlonega Gold Rush Days.”

2014 Aaron Covert for “Arthur Woody”;

Rachel C. Gaston for “The Old Lumpkin County Jailhouse”

Anna Head for “Arthur Woody”;

Jacob Hester for “Garner Hester and Lumpkin County Moonshine”

Mitchell McElliott for “Camp Frank D. Merrill”

Travis Colton White for “The Old Dahlonega Courthouse”

2013 None

2012 Arlette Rojas for “Old Lumpkin County Jail”

Katie Lynn Crowel for “Just a Stone Away”

Qendrim Haxhiu for “Madeleine K. Anthony

2011 Luke Davidson for "The Appalachian Trail"

Drew Bodney for "The Sargent Building"

Rachel Steinberg for "The Historic Holly Theater"

Don Landrum for "The Magnificent Discovery of Gold"

Gracie McLeod for "Gold Rush"

2010 Ada Spahija for “The History of the Smith House.”

Charlotte Marie Gaston for “The Lumpkin County Hand Ditch.”

Jace Armstrong for “The Almost Bank Robbery: A Real Event in Dahlonega History.”

Micaela Reynolds for“Significant Places in Lumpkin County History, Camp Frank D. Merrill and NGCSU.”

2009 Mackenzie Sockwell for “The Smith House”

Rebekah Worick for “The Captain McDonald House”

2008 Jennifer Vincent for "Old Lydia School"

Whitley Grindle for " War of Greed"