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How can I prepare/study for the TSI Assessment?
ACC has a comprehensive TSI test prep site with practice tests, reviews with video links, and links to supplemental online resources. 

How does taking the TSI Assessment help me?
  • Taking the TSI can save you money. By scoring high enough on this test, you may be able to bypass developmental courses when you start college.
  • Taking the TSI can save you time. By being able to bypass developmental courses, you can go right into courses that apply to your degree.
What if I fail the test?
  • First of all, there is no "pass" or "fail". You either meet standard and can bypass developmental courses, or you don't meet standard and are placed into Reading, Writing, and/or Math courses that match your skill level.
  • To retest in one or more sections, senior students must first participate in intervention sessions with English and/or math teachers.  Dual credit applicants who wish to retest will need to visit an ACC testing center for testing options.  There is a fee to test at ACC.
What does the test cost?
  • Each student can test through LISD one time for free.   See above regarding retesting.
  • Students also have the option to test at an ACC testing center.  There is a fee to test at ACC.
How long does the TSI Assessment take?
  • The TSI Assessment is an untimed test - you have as long as you need.
  • The average time to complete all three sections of the test is 3-5 hours.
What do I need to bring on the test day?
  • All students must bring a photo ID to be admitted to test.
  • All test materials will be provided (scratch paper, pencils, calculators are embedded in the test program); you may not bring your own calculator.
  • Cell phones and devices that can access the internet are strictly prohibited. They must be turned off and stowed.
  • Drinks and snacks are allowed, which students may access during breaks.
When will I get my scores?
The test is scored immediately upon completion.

How do I interpret my scores?
Following completion of the test, you may see your counselor or the College & Career Transition Coordinator to review your scores. You can also take your scores to the college of your choice for advising.

How do I get access to my TSI test scores?
Request access to your TSI scores through this request form.