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Beamline operation and software:

XMAS (X-ray Microdiffraction Analysis Software) is a Windows-based software developed at the Advanced Light Source to collect and analyze X-ray microdiffraction data. The compiled version below is primarily intended for users of beamline 12.3.2 and might not be suitable for a more general use. Please note that only the Analysis windows version is available here. XMAS currently supports the following CCD formats: MAR, Bruker SMART, Bruker APEX2 and Princeton. Also now supports DECTRIS Pilatus detectors.

XMAS v6 is the current version. Please note that all functionalities have not been implemented yet and the code still has a few bugs. To download the files:

Step 1: Download IDL Virtual Machine 6.2

Step 2: Download XMAS_v6.sav at the bottom of this page

Step 3: Download parameter folder at the bottom of this page

Step 4: Download XMASScriptdll.dll at the bottom of this page

Step 5: Follow the instructions below to set up XMAS on your computer.

First install IDL on your machine using the IDL_Virtual_Machine 6.2 executable. Unzip the content of into the C:\ directory (make sure that all the subdirectories such as param, crysfiles, etc  are in the "C:\XMASv6" directory, not in "C:\XMASv6\XMASv6") on your computer.  Place XMASScriptdll.dll in the "C:\XMASv6\param\" folder (overwrite the old version). Place your XMAS_v6.sav file onto your desktop. Run XMAS_v6 by double-clicking the XMAS_v6.sav icon. The XMAS_v6.sav and XMASScriptdll.dll are constantly updated. To upgrade to the newest versions, just download these two files and replace old with the new ones.

Follow updates, comment and ask questions about XMAS and BL12.3.2 on Facebook.

The nostalgics can still download the old version (XMASv5) here. Note, that this version is no longer supported.

Download the newest version of XMAS v5. (updated: June 1, 2008) What's changed?

Note: For the May 12, 2006 version to work properly, you will need to download the file and copy the dynamic link libraries (dlls) into your existing common parameters directory (usually named 'param').

Download the XMAS manual. (updated: October 4, 2005)

The Beamline 12.3.2 user manual is available at the beamline.

Download GRA (updated: June 1, 2006). This is a small software written by Odile Robach (CEA, France) consisting of useful  utilities to help analyzing XMAS outputs. For feedback, you can contact Odile ( Hope you like it!

Operating Schedules:

    - Beamline 12.3.2 long term schedule (current cycle)

Useful links:

Advanced Light Source

    - Ring Status

    - ALS User Guide

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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Bilbao Crystallographic Server

American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database

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