Current Research

There is a wide range of research being conducted at Beamline 12.3.2.  The following is a partial list of current topics:
Biomaterials: Structure of hydroxyapatite precipitates on biomaterial substrates
Composites: Mechanical properties of composite materials
Electronic Packaging: Failure mechanisms in Pb-free solder joints and surface finish
Environmental Science: Speciation of trace elements in ferromanganese nodules from soils
Ferroelectrics: Local strain fields around Ferroelectric domains
Extraterrestrial Geology: Characterization of micrometeorites and cometary dust particles
Geology/Mineralogy: identification of new minerals
High-Pressure Physics: structure refinement of crystals in a diamond-anvil cell
MEMS: Deformation mechanisms in MEMS devices
Microelectronics: Electromigration in Al and Cu interconnect lines
Polycrystals: in-situ deformation of Al and Cu bulk polycrystalline samples
Shape Memory Alloys: Study of superelasticity in a NiTi Shape Memory Alloy
Solid Fuel Cell Materials: Twinning properties of LaSrGaMgO
Superconductors: Characterization and strain measurements in superconducting YBCO films                 
Thin Films: Local plasticity studies in thin films