BL 12.3.2

Beamline 12.3.2 provides for the rapid collection of x-ray diffraction data with extremely high spatial resolution.  The capabilities of the beamline include:
  • High resolution mapping of:
    • Grain orientation and structure
    • Triaxial stress and strain
    • Plastic deformation
    • Phase distribution in heterogeneous samples
  • Simultaneous collection of x-ray fluorescence data
  • Rapid data collection via CCD detector
  • In-situ probing of sample during heating, cooling, etc.

Beamline 12.3.2 characteristics:

- High x-ray flux provided by synchrotron superconducting magnet source.

- M1 toroidal mirror to refocus beam at the entrance of the experimental hutch.

- Elliptically bent ultrasmooth mirrors in a Kirkpatrick-Baez configuration provide micron to submicron x-ray spot size on the sample.

- Mirrors provide achromatic focusing, allowing the use of white x-ray beam (5-22 keV) for Laue diffraction.

- A 4-bounce Si(111) monochromator allows switching between white and monochromatic radiation while illuminating the same area of the sample.

- A high precision XY positioning stage allows scanning of the sample under the microbeam and collecting diffraction data at each step (Scanning x-ray microdiffraction).

- A MAR133 CCD detector provides collection of diffraction data from a large solid angle.

- A Vortex-EM detector for X-ray fluorescence mapping.

- Labview interface for motor controls.

- Custom in-house software suite (XMAS) allows for automated data collection and analysis.