Winner- Grand Champion

There were 333 entries in the tree hunt this year.  Thank you to all the tree lovers in the Waterloo Region who participated. 

The Grand Champion of the Tree Hunt is Judy Weber for Entry 108  Eastern Cottonwood.

 Left to right: Tony DiGiovanni, Phil Dickie, Judy Weber, Mike Hayes, Greg Templeman
Photo taken at the closing ceremony by Paul Thomas.
"Autumn Fantasy" Maple was planted to commemorate the Tree Hunt 

Grand Champion Tree - Eastern Cottonwood - Entry 108

Eastern Cottonwood photos by Peter and Judy Weber

Location: Several kilometres West of Bamberg at 4599 Weimar Line
GPS coordinates are N43 29.628  W80  44.322
  • Circumference at 4.5 feet  =  277 Inches
  • Height  =  126 Feet
  • Widest Crown Spread  =  90 Feet
  • Narrowest Crown Spread = 75 Feet
  • Average Crown Spread = 82.5 Feet
  • Closest town would be Crosshill or Bamberg