Tree Preservation


During development of this industrial subdivision, this American Elm was recognized as being worth conserving, and was protected.  The land surrounding the tree is now city owned and part of Kitchener’s park system.  The University of Guelph has taken seed samples from this tree to grow as part of their elm recovery project.

Protecting and conserving both our urban and rural trees and forests through proper management is vital to sustaining healthy communities and environments.  Our trees and forests provide a multitude of benefits from an ecological, climatic, architectural, psychological and monetary point of view.  They provide habitat and food sources for wildlife, cooler watercourses, mitigate noise and dust levels, improve air and water quality, absorb pollutants, sequester carbon and help conserve energy.

Needless to say, we all should be making efforts, both individually and as communities, to protect this most valuable resource.

Unfortunately, trees do no get to vote……..they have no political voice.  We need to be vigilant in protecting our trees………and in return, they will keep protecting us.

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