Search Process

Although Dynamic Synergy's search process is divided into three stages of research, contact, and evaluation, these activities are conducted simultaneously during the progress of the search.

Research begins with the development of the position specifications by consulting with the client in regards to needs, culture, growth goals, and industry. Basic responsibilities, reporting relationships, required education and experience are some of the necessary details that help to clearly define the objectives of the search and develop a profile that best matches the client's expectations. This will facilitate the search process as our research team strategically identifies sources and areas for prospective candidates. We have many resources, including our own extensive database and network of contacts resulting from over a decade of operating experience to assist in the completion of the search.

Contact involves talking directly with sources and candidates who meet the position requirements and show success in their employment history. Dynamic Synergy makes selective calls to prospects and referrals to identify and interest qualified individuals. During this period, Dynamic Synergy will frequently report the search's progress to the client.

Evaluation begins as soon as a potential candidate who has the required experience and interest is identified. Following an in-depth screening to critically examine qualifications, past performance, motivation and personality, Dynamic Synergy will present the qualified candidate to the client. Clients will notify Dynamic Synergy of the degree of interest in the candidates. Dynamic Synergy will schedule a mutually convenient meeting between each candidate and the client group. After each interview, Dynamic Synergy will contact the client and the candidate for feedback.

At the client's request, we will undertake extensive formal reference verification to confirm the final candidate's career achievements. In addition, we ask questions on the candidate's leadership, integrity, ethics and personal characteristics.

As the search comes to a close, we can assist in the negotiation of the compensation package if the client or candidate wishes.

Even after the search has been completed, our service to the client has not yet ended. We maintain periodic contact with the successful candidate and the client to ensure a productive transition and to work with the client to aid in future growth.