Volunteer hours tally by team

Each team must submit to the Booster Club, the number of student athletes participating in their program each year.  The Booster Club then determines the amount of volunteer hours that each team must complete.  Each athlete is expected to volunteer during the school year through the Booster Club.  The Booster Club oversees the concession stands for the various sporting events.  It is recommended that each Cross Country team member volunteer several times throughout the year with these opportunities.  For every hour that a Cross Country member and/or parent volunteers, the hours go toward our team.  The Booster Club records these hours and then can support our team financially when the need arises.  Funds can go toward equipment, uniforms, coaches fees, buses, etc.   There are endless opportunities to volunteer for and most shifts are in two-hour increments.  So grab a teammate and let's run to volunteer!

Monthly accumulated team volunteer hours in the concession stands ~

Team Volunteer Hours....see attachment below

jill abatto,
Sep 12, 2017, 1:32 PM