Concession Stands

The Kettle Moraine High School Booster Club oversees and operates 3 (sometimes 4) concessions stands.  The stands are located in the following areas on the school grounds:

Lower Concession Stand is located on Vock Field and is used for Football, Track and Field, LaCrosse, Softball, Tennis, and various other outdoor sports and special events.  In the event that we host a conference game, playoff game, or other large tournament or event, we have additional concession stands at Vock Field that we can open up to help serve customers.  

Upper Concession Stand is located inside the high school in the Laser Athletic Entrance lobby.  This concessions stand is used for Basketball, Wrestling, and other indoor sports and special events.

Soccer Field Concession Stand is located on the south end of the high school grounds, directly behind Wales Elementary. This concession stand is used for Soccer and other outdoor sporting events that utilize that field.