Concession Stand Training:

Monthly trainings IMMEDIATELY following Booster Club meeting. This training is for Openers, Closers and Volunteers.  Anyone 14 years and older is welcome to attend.  Openers and Closers for the Turf Stand for Football are needed!  Please consider being trained in this simple, yet vital, part of our program!

Gear Up!  Get your Laser Stadium Seats, Seat Cushions, Blankets, Coolers, Ponchos, Umbrellas and Trailer Hitches from the Laser Locker (School Store).  Stop by and or contact a Booster Club member for more info.

~ Get To Know Your Kettle Moraine High School Booster Club ~


The Kettle Moraine High School Booster Club is comprised of an elected Board, the Athletic Director, and all coaches, parents, liaisons, students, staff and community.  The purpose of the Booster Club is to fundraise in order to support our athletes, students, district and community. 


Who We Are:

Board President:  Vicki Rock

Board Vice President:  Kelly Kolberg

Board Secretary:  Jenny Stippich

Board Treasurer:  Jennifer Quella

Board Concessions Coordinator:  Jeni Medina
Athletic Director:  Ryan Tomczyk (non-elected position)
Volunteer Hours Administrator:  Tici Swenson


When We Meet and Why:

  • Second Wednesday of each month, 7:00pm, KMHS Library, Year-round (unless otherwise noted)
  • All Coaches and Parent Liaisons expected to attend
  • Meetings are open to all parents, students, staff and the community
  • We meet monthly to review/approve team funding requests, discuss/plan large events, discuss issues/concerns, introduce new coaching staff, discuss/plan concession usage, discuss/plan fundraisers for Booster Club, etc.


What We Do:

  • Run Concessions at events
  • Support Teams financially (Equipment, Uniforms, Special Fees, etc.)
  • Support Athletic, School and District events (Prom, Trivia Night, Senior Night, etc.)
  • Award $10,000 in scholarships to graduating senior athletes
  • Host large events throughout the year (Kohls Kicking Camp, Basketball tournaments, Football Playoff games, Lacrosse tournaments, etc.)
  • Calendar Raffles and Discount Card fundraisers
  • Annual Golf Outing


What’s Expected From Team:

  • Attendance by coach and liaison at monthly Booster Club meetings
  • Update team website with current information/schedules/etc.
  • Current list of participating athletes on team(s) for volunteer hours tracking
  • Each athletes family is expected to volunteer at least 4 hours per year.
  • We do ask that parents help support the teams by volunteering.
  • Support in getting volunteers from your team to help with events as needed
  • Liaison training on the operation of the concession stands (if applicable) 

The KM Booster Club Appreciates Your Support!