K-solutions services

The impact of the world economic environment, innovative communication technology on organisational culture and effectiveness is becoming more apparent to more senior people and many of them seek help in deciding how to respond to the opportunities and challenges. Given our senior level experience and subsequent work with executives from a wide range of companies we are uniquely placed to offer them support in the following ways: 


  • Formulation and Strategy execution
  • Performance Innovation
  • Programme and project management
  • Project portfolio management
  • Diagnostic Assessments
  • Executive Workshops
  • Individual Mentoring and Coaching


  • Main forte is to calculate the big picture and then transfer that into concrete deliverable actions.
  • Strategy frameworks with large experience in the Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Maps, Strategic Feedback Systems, Office of Strategy Management and Alignment.
  • Alignment of people within cross functional organisations to integrate the organisation
  • Performance innovation - not just looking at performance management, but understanding where you need to innovate and how
  • Portfolio management is linking strategy to strategy execution
  • Implementation Programme direction, coaching and mentoring of other senior level directors and management to get results.