Welcome: K-solutions was formed in 1994 and we have served clients all over the world. We operate with partners in different geographies and belief that we exist to innovate in business performance. Avanti2020 has now been closed down and removed from Companies House.

Why Use Us!

STRATEGY “is a cohesive response to an important challenge. Unlike a stand-alone decision or a goal, a strategy is a coherent set of analyses, concepts, policies, arguments and actions that respond to a a high-stakes challenge.” Richard Rumelt author of Good Strategy Bad Strategy.

K-solutions originates from Palladium’s company Renaissance Solutions in 1996 with its partners being contributors to the original Balanced Scorecard studies and practice as well as Knowledge Management. K-solutions uniquely:

    • •has a network of experienced consultants in strategy consulting and have worked in most industry areas completing over 200 balanced scorecards

    • •a set of unique proprietary K tools that support you

    • •a network of experts that focus on each of the attributes of strategy execution

    • •uses state of the art technology to support teams

    • •transfers knowledge so that your business may become self sustaining

    • •aligns the organisation to harmonise the speed of strategy implementation

PERFORMANCE INNOVATION helps individuals and teams improve themselves and understand how to get the best for the business, harnessing innovations, interventions and knowledge. Then the difficult part, which is to then provide the means of mobilising the knowledge, to you, your team, your customers, your suppliers and every one you interact with in business.

K-solutions, the means of mobilising knowledge. A consulting and coaching team that in continual search for opportunities to increase growth or reduce cost.

PROJECT AND PROGRAM PORTFOLIO we provide support for project and portfolio management which aligns to strategy execution for a lot of corporations. We have expertise in coaching, consulting and training to support you in level 3, 4 and 5 of the Project maturity model. We partner with PSI Solutions in Thailand to provide these services.

Please also go to www.roberttwiddy.com

Our Experience Shows!

(Nationwide Building Society)

We wanted someone who had the reference of being at the top of strategy approach and was renowned for his implementation of the Balance Scorecard and strategy frameworks. Our environment is difficult and K-solutions soon showed their capability to align our team and brought far more than I expected including a knowledge of our business. We continue to retain K-solutions to support us, as we believe their team are amongst the leaders in facilitation in the world of strategy frameworks leading to execution.


K-solutions led customer commercial contract scope negotiations, re staffed the programme and successfully led the delivery and then achieved one year's worth of consulting for us. Their programme director's tenacity with difficult senior managers to align the customer's organisation led to the first successful cross function programme.

(Strategy Office, BG Group):

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative. K-solutions are extremely capable and innovative. They have a sound understanding of business processes and is an expert at marrying technology to business need. He is also very personable and a pleasure to work with. I can thoroughly recommend them